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The Founding of Gadeigiri


The village Gadeigiri is named after its founder Gadai Giri who migrated from the district of Midnapur* in the seventeenth century. He was a (District Midnapur, now part of West Bengal, was formerly part of Orissa, with which it maintains close cultural links.) businessman who regularly came to the area to I sell utensils and bell metal items. Every year Gadai Giri would come during the rainy season, stay four or five months, and then return to Midnapur.¦ Gadai Giri was a gentle and saintly person. He would rise early each morning and perform kirtan.Then after taking some flat rice and water he would go out selling brass utensils door to door.When evening arrived he would spend the night in some village and join with the local people in their daily custom of singing kirtan and reciting SrTmad'Bhagavatam. He soon became well known as a good kirtan singer and devotee and he received frequent invitations to take part in the different safikirtan festivals celebrated for the pleasure of I the various local deities of Baladeva Jiu, Brindaban ' Bihari Jiu, Radha Madan Mohan Jiu, and Dadhi Baman Jiu.The local zamindar, feudal landlord, lived in ! Harispur, six kilometers from present-day Gadeigiri. Š Appreciating Gadai Giri's saintly qualities, the zamindar I offered to give him some nearby land. Shortly thereafter Gadai Giri met a naga-sannyasi, a naked mendicant, who was very pleased with Gadai Giri's gentle behavior and high character. One day, Gadai Giri and the sannyasi were walking together in the forest when suddenly they heard the sweet voices of several different kinds of birds as well as the sounds of a flute, ankle bells, and a conch shell. The naga-sadhu told him.


"Where such auspicious sounds are heard, Krishna Himself is present. Wherever Krishna is present His consort Laksmi, the Goddess of fortune, is also present. This is a sacred place, a place of glory. You should build a house here for your residence and engage yourself fully in the service of the Lord. Here, whatever you desire will be immediately fulfilled." Presenting all these things before the zamindar, Gadai Giri received from him a large segment of land, including area for cultivation. He cleared a small section of the jungle indicated by the naga-sadhu and built a house and a small temple wherein he estab¬lished a deity of Dadhi Baman. When Lord Jagan-nath is worshipped without his brother Baladeva and sister Subhadra He is known as Patita Pa van or Dadhi Baman. Gadai Giri left his brass business and simply engaged himself in bhajan and kirtan. Many wandering sadhus and sannyasTs came to join with Gadai Giri's kirtan. Gradually other people came to stay permanently, and a village developed in that place in Gadai Giri's name.