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Gopal Giri


Gadai Giri had only one son, who was named Gopal Giri. Gopal Giri was influenced by the devotional quali¬ties of his father and was very devoted to Lord Jagan-nath. Every year he would go to Puri to see the Ratha-yatra festival. He was also very attached to performing sanktrtan, and was expert in many different styles of kirtan.Gopal Giri had a desire to worship a deity of Gopal. Unable to find such a deity, he decided to go to Puri, thinking that if he would render service to Lord Jagannath there, then somehow Gopal would come to him. Arriving in Puri, he stayed in the area knovvn as Kundei Benta Sahi, near Grand road. As he was very scholarly, he easily obtained service in the office of the king, where he became the poddar, or cashier for the temple of Lord Jagannath. Gopal Giri led a very regulated life. While staying in Puri he would daily go to see Lord Jagannath. While at the temple he would sit on the bais pahaca, the twenty-two steps inside the compound leading up to the main darsan area, and there he would read Srimad-Bhagavatam. In the evening he would take prasadam and go home. Every Sunday he would go to the Satalahari Math, a temple near the ocean, where he would sit and read Šnmad-Bhagavatam and chant harinam. He was very attached to Šnmad-Bhagavatam.