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Household Life


In 1952, on the request of his mother, Braja-bandhu entered household life. He first met his wife, Srimati Vasanti Devi, during their marriage ceremony. Family members recall how during the

wedding ceremony while everyone was enjoying the festivities Braja-bandhu was sitting sadly by himself quietly chanting Hare Krishna. He considered family life a material entanglement and an impediment to his service to Gopal. He never wanted to marry.Braja-bandhu'S father passed away in 1955, and as the eldest son he became responsible for maintaining the family. Owing to financial constraints he could not enroll formally in University courses, but he studied privately at night to attend the examinations, obtaining a B.A. degree from Utkal University with overall second highest marks on the exam. He later obtained a B.Ed, degree in a similar way and obtained government service as a schoolteacher.During the course of the next nineteen years Braja-bandhu and Vasanti Devi had four sons and three daughters. Despite many family responsibilities, Braja-bandhu's devotion to Gopal never slackened. He would rise daily at 3:30 A.M., chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, worship tulasi, and speak to his family from Bhagavad-gita. In school he took every opportunity to speak to his students about Krishna and devotional principles. Thirty years later some of those same students would become his disciples. During school breaks he would take his wife and travel to the Himalayan Mountains, visiting different tirthas and asramas, and he would sometimes engage in philosophical debates with the mayavadis he found there.