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Temple for Gopal


Gour Govinda Swami immediately accepted Gopal and the property, and on 15 November 1993 he recorded everything in the name of ISKCON, the institution of his spiritual master. Gour Govinda Swami then sent two disciples to Gadeigiri. They arranged to fix the broken temple building and made nice arrangements for Gopal's worship. The existing temple for Gopal was very small and simple. Now that Gopal was under his care, Gour Govinda Maharaja wanted to build something nice for Gopal. He was very eager to see the work begin. On 23 November Fakir Charan went to see Gour Govinda Swami in Bhubaneswar. Fakir Charan remembers:When he saw us he started scolding us. He said, "The registration was finished eight days ago, where have you been? My dear Gopal's work is not going on correctly. Gopal is beating me." He then showed us his back, which bore fresh marks from a beating. I was shocked. We both begged orgiveness for the delay. He then replied, "The devotee of Krishna never fears anyone. This is service for Krishna, so where is fear?On 17 January 1994 Gour Govinda Swami laid the foundation stone for Gopal's new temple and he installed a deity of Ananta Sesa. In his lecture that day he spoke to all of the devotees as well as to the laborers and construction workers who were there to be¬gin work on the new temple:W\i]\ the help of the two rishis Bhrigu and Bharadvaja, Agastya Muni once built a huge temple for Krishna at Kalahasti in Rajasthan. Many laborers had been engaged to build that temple. BIirigu and Bharadvaja were supervising them. The laborers were working hard from morning to sunset. Every evening before sunset, Agastya would sit on the bank of the nearby river and call all of the laborers. By his order, Bhrigu and Bharadvaja would then give a handful of sand to each laborer. That was their payment for the whole day's work. But when the two rishis gave the sand, it at once turned into gold. According to how hard the laborer was working, he received a proportionate amount of gold.


So whoever was working harder was getting more gold. Whoever was working less would only get a small amount, and if someone were not working at all, only cheating, they would find only sand in their hands, no gold. In this dealing there was no partiality and no complaints. Everything took place before; God who is the supremd eyewitness. Each worker happily accepted his proper due, no more and no less. The laborers were thinking, "Whatever I am doing, Krishna is in my heart constantly watching me. So I am working in His presence." If one has this kind of mentality his work is called sudhu-karmu, very pious work. If your heart is clear then all your activities will be clear and pious. Whatever work you touch will be successful and great. This is Gopal's work. Don't neglect it. Don't quarrel and don't be duplicitous. Don't steal anything. After this temple is complete, if the rules and regulations are followed nicely here.then it will help this area's inhabitants in their spiritual as well as economic development.Why are we building a temple here? Because this place is a tapa-hhumi, a place of austerities. This is a very special place. By doing only a httle sadhana or bhajan here, one can get great benefit in his spiritual life. The kirtan and aus¬terities of this place brought Gopal from Vrindavan. This place will kill the demoniac nature. Ravana was a most powerful demon.New temple under construction in Gadeigiri but he was always afraid of tapa-sakti, the power of austerities. Therefore he told his followers that they could go to every place to the north except for Vedapuri (now modem Pondicherry in South India), because that place would kill the demoniac nature. So this Gadeigiri, the place of Gopal, is a place of sarhskara and sadhana. Everyone should accept this place as their own and let their life be successful.