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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Gaura Govinda Swami > Gopil Jiu > Chapter Five > Ghanashyam Giri:

Ghanashyam Giri:


Gurudeva told me that Gopal is always anxious to hear nama. He came all the way . from Vrindavan only to hear nama-sankirtan. He did not come to take food. He has no de¬ficiency. He came here only for hearing nama. Gopal is namapriya-thakiira, the Lord always eager to hear nama.Gurudeva has fulfilled Gopal's desire. Now I'm practically seeing that from morning to

night, kirtan, bhajan, is always going on for Gopal. So many devotees are coming here from all over the world. I am feeling happy seeing how Gurudeva has fulfilled the desire of Gopal.On 18 March 1991 Gour Govinda Swami brought some of his western disciples to Gadeigiri and spoke a few words about Gopal:From my boyhood this deity has occupied my heart. Everywhere I look I am seeing Him. Most of my childhood I spent here. I am 62 years old. Any day I may pass away, die. I have this desire that here in Gopal's place something be built. That will make me happy.