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SRI SRI NITYANANDA MAHAPRABHU was the incarnate of the concept of love that originated in Lord Sri Chaitanya, the eternal messiah. He was among the foremost of the league of illustrious men who had deepest sympathy and  love for humanity. The divine and revolutionary philosophy of NITYANANDA saved the society from the crisis it faced. HE made people cross the barrier of colour, creed, cast privilege and united them with the knowledge that all are  the children of the Divine (Amrit). HE had spontaneous love for each and everybody. HE never discriminated while providing benevolence. HE never did command, but inspired others through HIS generosity. The world will become  a better place when we imbibe the spirit of NITYANANDA. Perhaps we will find a way out of the quagmire of discrimination and meanness.This distinguished leader of mankind was born in the village of Ekchakra, P.S. Mayureswar  (Sub-div. Rampurhat) in the district of Birbhum, West Bengal to a pious Brahmin family. At a later date the village came to be known as Ekchakra-Garvabas in HIS honour. The village has since been regarded worldwide by the  puritans as the womb of benevolence and love and as the foremost holy place for one & all. This book is a small effort to throw light on the glory of Ekchakra.