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Ekchakradham, bearing the foot prints of HIS DIVINE GRACE - LORD NITAICHAND, is the pride of the RADH. A number of temples and images situated here has been witness to its glorious history. The paths here are sanctified for  their close association with the wise, the great and the exponents of love and devotion.Above all, they bear the footprints of NITYANANDA, the other self of Sri Chaitanya. Later, the religious masters who sanctified the place with their  devotion and sacrifice, made it a place of pilgrimage, a place that brings deliverance to the outcaste & astray. Even the tiniest dust parŽticle here, must be respected by all. NITYANANDA was the first exponent of truth who uprooted  all kinds of injustice, wrongdoings and discrepancies in society and lifted it to the supreme height of liberated humanity. He practiced what he preached. There is no hiatus between His ideal and performance. Under His leadership a  man-revolt was organised against the tormenting ruler of Nadia. His free spirit should be our ideal. The NITYANANDA JANMASTHAN ASHRAM' that has been built on His life and performance will be able to spread His message of  love around the world and that will bring about a spiritual reformation. The land will become a great agglomeration of mankind - a place for love and benevolence to all.We believe that the world one day will follow the religion of  love, which the great leader and soŽcial reformer wanted to convey. Because only that love can make the world clean and perfect.We pay our homage to the Great Lord.