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Sudarsana Homa Prayoga


1)Yantra pratistha


-Place the yantra in a round brass / copper / silver plate in a standing position then perform the avahana.

-One should perform abhiseka of the yantra while chanting Purusa Suktam.

-One should decorate the yantra with flowers (viz.lotus, rose, jasmine, lily, sankha, vrksi) and tulasi.

-One should perform sahasra-nama arcana or astottarasata-nama arcana.

-One should offer naivedya of milk and fruits to the yantra.

-One should offer sweet-rice to the yantra and to the kalasa.


(In preparing the sweet-rice one should boil 1kg of rice in 1.5 litres of milk. After the rice has boiled thoroughly, mix sugar-candy into it. When it has dissolved, pour 200g of ghee into the mixture and mix in roasted cashew nuts and raisins.)



2)Kalasa sthapana


-There should be 1 maha-kumbha in the centre, and 8 upa-kumbhas around it. There should be thread wrapped around each pot and kurcas each containing 8 blades of kusa grass. Fresh mango leaves should be used, and coconuts dipped in tumeric paste. One should also make an `ayamrta' (made of 2 kusa blades) which is placed on top of the coconut.

-One should chant  "om apo va idam sarvam -"

-When placing the kurcas in the pots one should chant -


om kurcogreraksasan goran cindikam vigatunah

tvamarpayami kumbhe'smin capalyam kuru karmasu


-One should place the mango leaves in the pot chanting -


om vrksa-raja samudbhuta sasah pallavadbijah

yusman kumbhesvarpayami sarva papa pamuntaye


-One should place the coconuts on the pots chanting -


om narikela samudbhuta trinetra hura samamubha

sikhaya duritam papam papam pidancamenudha


-one should place garlands upon the kumbhas and unstitched cloth upon them

-One should then perform avahana with the following mantra -


om sahasra-sirsa purusah sahasraksa sahasra-pat

sa bhumim visvato vrtva atyatistha-dasangulam

om hiranya-varnam harinim suvarna rajasa -

asmin kumbhe laksmi-narayana dyayami -avahayami


-One should then chant -


om dadhikravano -om bhu bhuvah svah

asmin kumbhe varuna-rupinam bhagavantam pundarikaksam dhyayami- avahayami


-One  should then chant -


om ugram viram maha-visnu -

asmin kumbhe laksmi-nrsimha dhyayami -avahayami

yada indra vayamahe -(from udaka santi)

abhayankara devata avahayami


-Perform the avahana starting in the East to NE (clockwise)

-One should install the 8 digpalas in the upa-kumbhas

-On the maha-kumbha one should chant -


om avahidabhyo sarvadabhyo devatabhyo namah


-Then offer 16 items to the maha-kumbha.

-Offer `svarna puspa' by placing a jewel or clean coin into each kumbha saying, om svarna puspam samarpayami

-Touch the kumbha with the kusa grasa and chant Panca Suktam, Panca Santi, Gosa Santi and Punya-vacana.

-Take off the kusa and keep it separately.





-Build a  round kunda and fill it with sand.

-Place dry cow-dung inside and place the fire on top of it.

-One should then chant -


 catvaru srngo -abhimukho bhava

agnim pratisthabhayami etc.


-Place 4 blades of Kusa on the N. side of the kunda, adjacent to the kalasas.

-On should then place on top of that palasa leaves, the container for the ghee, the proksani and the wood.

-Take one ayamrta and place it on top of these items. Fill the proksani with water and sprinkle it over the items with an ayamrta. Then keep the proksani to the right-hand side.

-Offer 2 ahutis of ghee silently  to the NE and SE  directions of the fire.

-Offer the following 4 ahutis -


agnaye svaha -idam agnaye idam na mama

somaya svaha -idam somaya idam na mama

agnaye svaha -idam agnaye idam na mama

om bhu bhuvah svar svaha


-One should then touch water and do pranayama.

-Then chant -om laksmi nrsimhaya namah and  idam visnur vicakrame -

-Offer 8 ahutis in the fire with Nrsimha Mantraraja.

-Offer 8 ahutis with om sudarsanaya rajaya namah

-Before the homa, one should  perform the mantra japa -


Altogether one should offer 10,008 oblations -9000 japa and 1008 ahutis in the fire. There should be 9 rtviks chanting 1000 mantras - 90 mula mantras (om sahasrara hum phat) and 10 Maha-mantras.


The Maha-mantra is as follows -


om shrim hrim klim krishnaya govindaya gopijanavallabhaya

paraya parama-purusaya para mantra yantra tantra

ausadha astra-sastrani samhara samhara mrtyu mocaya mocaya


om namo bhagavate maha-sudarsanaya

diptre  jvala pritaya sarva-diksobhana karaya

hum phat brahmane parama  jyotise sahasraya hum phat svaha


-The following 9 items should be used in the homa -

1)       ghee (the hotr offers this)

2)       sweet-rice

3)       palssa samit

4)       aksata

5)       puspa

6)       white mustard seeds

7)       milk

8)       nayurvi seeds

9)       barley or sesame seeds


Each rtvik offers one of the 9 ingrediants into the fire with each ahuti.


-After offering 1008 ahutis with maha-mantra one should perform the Jayati Homa.

-One should then perform the Prayascitta Homa.

-For the Purnahuti, whatever remains of the 9 items should be placed in the fire along with fruit, dry fruit, a dry coconut, ghee, clean coins, red silk cloth, sandalwood etc.

The coins and dry fruit are tied in the corner of the red cloth and dipped in ghee.


-One should perform the kalasa udvasanam and yantra udvasanam by chanting


om tat vayami brahmano vandamanas -

asmad kumbhan sarva devatan udvasayami


-Remove all the items on the kalasa and keep the water for sprinkling.

-Distribute the offered flowers, fruits and sweet-rice.




* All rtviks should then offer tarpana to the yantra 108X with the mantra:


om sahasrara hum phat tarpayami