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Fire sacrifice

Ingredients :

-1 or 5 coconuts and chaddar, flowers, garlands, Tulasi leaves, (bhoga sweets).

-Bricks, 5 colours for design decorations, wood (mango), ghee, grains, pot (1 or 5 to be installed for worship), incense, ghee lamp, matches, 1 plate (for flowers),

-5 kinds of fuits, camphor, bell, acaman cup, Tulasi neck beads, asanas, brahman thread, spoon for offering ghee etc.



THREE STEPS ; 14+10+10+6+6+6+2 (54 bricks)

TWO  STEPS:     10+6+6+2 (24 bricks)


                            OR SIMPLE WITH ; 16 bricks or 9 bricks.


Fire yajna for initiation ( simple)

A) clean the place with water (or cow dung water)

B) set up the fire kunda with bricks, then cover the kund  with cow dung and sand (1/2 inch) inside fill with sand (2 inches).

C) decorate with 5 kinds of fruits, flowers, leaves (mangoes), and 5 kinds of colours.*

D) install the pot to be worshipped (install with Krishna mula mantra etc.)**

E) place the asana for the spiritual master (raised one) and disciples asanas, acaman cups, plates with samagni, bananas, neck beads, brahman threads.

F) bring one arati plate: dhupa, dhipa, puspa or gandha, puspa, dhupa, dhipa, naivedyam also acaman cup, bell, candle, matches, camphor, incence.

G) bring ghee, spoons, wood

H) mantras to be chanted, scriptures for reading, (preferably on a sheet)

I) if possible 4 brahmanas sitting at the 4 corners reading B.G, S.B, C.C, N.O.D.


* make different kind of designs with the colours like lotus flowers, svastika etc. around the kunda, on the kunda and inside also.

**                         pot to be worshipped        


ghee priest

-on the 4 corners small pots can be placed, (and for more opulent decoration, banana trees) on top place the coconut, chadar, garland etc.




Priest perform full acaman and chant various mantras; 1) Om tad Visnoh paraman sada....2)Om madhava madhavo vaci......3) Bhuta siddhi 4)Naham vipro na ca nara patir.......

A) next the guru and disciples perform small acaman ;Om kesavaya namah,Om naranaya namah, Om madhavaya namah,Om govindaya namah. ( with acaman cups ) then the priest chant “Om apavrita pavrita va ....” and the  disciples repeat after him (3times).or “Om Shri Vishnu, Shri Vishnu, Shri Vishnu. (3times).

B) the spiritual master gives the lecture, at that time he priest  place the camphor and the wood in the kunda and is ready for the yajna.

C) the guru ask the disciples what are the 4 regs. and they vow to chant 16 rounds daily and follow the 4 regulative principles. The guru gives the name .

*** sometimes  the pujari light the fire at this time and worships the pot etc. otherwise  after the lecture light the fire etc...

Worship with dhup, dhip, puspa or 5 upacaras or 16 upacaras.

D) Vaishnava-homa: Vande ham Shri gurum...priest offer ghee+ svaha (3 times)...disciples grains + svaha (3 times )

Guru mantras ...(same as above )

Shrila Prabhupada (same as above )

And or Brahma Samita: Isvara parama ...( same as above )

Cintamani prakara ... ( same as above )


Final offering 


The disciples stands up holding the bananas in their hands, the priest recite: Namah brahmanya devaya ... and the disciples repeat (this is done 3 times),.then the disciples offer the bananas in the fire and the priest takes some ashes from the fire mix them with ghee and applies a dot on the forehead of all the assembled devotees while they circumambulate the kunda chanting Hare Krishna ..., final Jaya dvani mantras, the offering of obeisances to guru, vaishnavas, Deities.



-the fire should never be extinguished by artificial means.( pouring water etc..)

-the disciples should be paying for the expenses.

-the disciples must give daksina to the guru, and a small donation to the priest is usually given.

-the disciples should/could also give a donation to the Deities.