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After equipping oneself fully, one should seek an ally (aide).


 One without an adviser has no certainty of counsel.


 One wheel does not move (the vehicle).


The true aide serves alike in prosperity and adversity.


 A self-respecting ruler should appoint as counsellor, one who is  inferior to him and respects him.


He should not take into counsel out of love, one who is impertinent.


One who is learned and free from fraud should be made a minister.


All things begin with counsel.


Accomplishment of the task depends on guarding the secret of   counsel.


One who lets out counsel destroys the task


Defection to the enemy takes place due to negligence.


Ministerial advice should be kept secret from all quarters.


 The country prospers by proper ministerial counsel.


The secrecy of ministerial counsel is of supreme importance.


Counsel is a beacon to the one blind of action.


Through ministerial eyes others' weaknesses are seen.


At the time of taking ministerial advice there should be no quarrels.


A decision should be taken on the unanimous opinion of three  (counsellors). '


Counsellors (ministers) are the ones who see the true implications  of what ou^ht to be done and what ought not be done.


On being heard by six ears, secrecy of counsel gets broken.