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 One should live in a country free from strife.


The right country is that where a lot of good people live.


The ruler should he frarerl ill tho tim?


There is no god greater than the ruler.


The ruler's wrath reduces one to ashes even at a long distance.


One should not approach a ruler empty-handed.


Nor a teacher or a deity.


Members of the (ruling) family should be feared.


One should always go to the royal assembly (family).


One should have friendly connections with the ruling elite.


The king's courtesan should not be courted.


The ruler should not be viewed with lifted eyes.


When children are good, homes are heaven.


Children should be made to reach the shores of knowledge (that is,  given maximum education).


For the country's sake, (the interests of) the village should be  forsaken.


For the sake of the village, (the interests of) the family should be  forsaken.


 The greatest gain is the gain of a son.


He who protects parents from difficulties, is the son.


The good son spreads the family's fame.


The childless do not attain heaven.


She who gives birth (to one's child) is the wife.


On pilgrimage to holy places one should accompany that wife, who  has a son.


While visiting holy places with wife alone (without the son),  celibacy  is likely to be affected.


One should not sow one's seed in another's field.


Women are intended to create children.


Possession of the maid servant enslaves one.


The one for whom destruction is imminent does not listen to  wholesome advice.


There is no escape from pleasure and pain for embodied beings.


Like children their mother, pleasure and pain follow the doer (of  actions).


The good one considers even a tiny help rendered to him as very  big.


Evil ones should not be helped.


Out of fear that help received has to be repaid,  the low-minded one  becomes an enemy.


The noble one does not forget to render great help in return for the  smallest aid received.


Gods should never be despiseo.


There is no light equal to eyesight


The eye is the leader of the embodied being.


What is the use of the body for the blind?


One should not urinate in water. One should not enter water in the  nude.


A sound intellect in a sound body.


 Prosperity depends on the intellect.


One should not deposit fire in fire.

(One should not express anger at the mighty.)


Saints should be worshipped.


Others' wives should not be sought.


Gift of food wipes out even the sin of infanticide.


There is no righteous duty, not specified in the learned scriptures.


Righteousness should be practised always.


 Truth leads one to heaven.


There is no penance greater than (the observance of) truth.


Truth is the means to heaven.


The world is borne by truth.


Because of truth, God gives rain.


There is uo greater siu ihaii untruth.


Teachers should not be criticised.


 Villainy should not be tolerated.


The wicked have no friends.


The poor find it hard to live.


The most valiant is the valiant giver.


Devotion to teaeher, God and the learned is adornment (for all).


 Humility is everyone's adornment.


Even a low-boro one, if humble, is superior to an (arrogant)  high-born one.


Good living enhances life-span and reputation.


 Sweet words, if inapt, should not be spoken.


One who is opposed by many people should not be followed.


One's fortune should not be linked to evil ones.


One should not associate with the low-minded, even if they are  successful.


Nothing should be allowed to remain in the case of: debts, enemies  and disease. (There should be total extermination.)


Treading the right path is man's best medicine.


Aid-seekers should not be hated.


The evil one alter propelling evil action, derides the doer.


The ungrateful cannot escape hell.


Development and decline depend on the tongue.


The tongue is the storehouse of poison and nectar.


The sweetspoken have no enemies.


Even gods, when praised, are pleased.


Evil speech, though unintended, remains long in memory.


 Nothing antagonising the ruler should be spoken,


Words should be spoken which delight the ear like koel's cooing.


 A man who does his duty is a good and righteous man.


Beggars cannot have dignity.


Husband is a woman's ornament.


Even an enemy should not be deprived of his livelihood.


The land where water is easily available is the right field to be  cultivated.


One should not anger the elephant with the support of the castor  plant.   (One should not anger the mighty with the support of the  weak.)


Even if well-grown, the silk-cotton tree does not become a fit pillar to  bind an elephant.


 However big, the karnikara tree cannot be used to make clubs.


 Even the brightest firefly is not fire.


Mere growth cannot create quality.


Even if very old, a neem tree cannot be used as a shaft.


 Like the seed, the fruit.


 Intellect depends on education.


 Conduct depends on the family.


Even with refinement, the neem does not become mango.


 A comfort which has been obtained should not be given up.


One's actions are the cause of one's sorrow.


 one should riot wander at night.


One should not sleep for half the night only (but the whole night  soundly).


Discussion about God and reality should be held with learned  persons.


 One should not enter another's house without a reason.


People do wrong things knowing fully well what they are doing.


 Living should be according to the scriptures.


In the absence of a knowledge of the scriptures, the conduct of  good people should be followed.


There is no scripture greater than good conduct.


the ruler sees even a distant one through the eyes of his spies.


People are tradition-bound.


One should not speak ill of the person who is responsible for one's  livelihood.


The essence of penance is control of senses.


 Liberation out of woman's shackle is difficult.


 Woman is the field of all evil.


Women cannot judge men.


Women art; fickle-minded


Enemies of evil are not addicted to women.


Those who are well-versed in the three Vedas know the results of  sacrifices.


Stay in heaven is not permanent, it lasts only till the reserves of  accumulated virtue remain.


To fall from heaven is the greatest sorrow.


The embodied one does not desire even the status of Indra  (heavenly rule), if the body has to be given up.


Liberation is the remedy for all sorrows.


Enmity of the noble is better than alliance with the ignoble.


Bad language destroys the family.


No pleasure is greater than the touch of one's children.


 In debate, what is right should be remembered.


Every morning, the day's tasks should be planned.


At twilight, sex should not be indulged in.


He, whose destruction is imminent, plans evil action.


 What is the use of an elephant for one in need of milk?


There is no attraction equal to a gift.


One should not desire others' property.


Evil riches are enjoyed by only the evil-minded.


The bitter neem fruit is eaten only by crows.


The ocean cannot quench thirst.


Even sand conforms to its quality.


Good people do not enjoy (the company of) evil ones.


Swans do not like (to stay in) cremation grounds.


The world functions for the sake of money.


All worldly beings are bound by desire.


Prosperity does not slay with one ever immersed in desire.


Those who have excessive desire have no firmness.


Death is preferable to poverty.


 Desire dispels shame.


One should not stay alone even with one's mother.


 One should not praise oneself.


One should not daydream.


The one blinded by prosperity does not see the imminent nor listens  to sane advice.


There is no greater god than the husband to women.


Acting according to the husband's wishes bestows material and  spiritual happiness.


The guest who has come should be treated prope rly.


A sacrificial offering to the gods is never lost.


An enemy can look like a friend.


The mirage looks like water.


Evil sciences fascinate evil-minded ones.


 Company of the good is like residence in heaven.


The noble one deems others to be himself.


Quality conforms to appearance.


 That is the ideal place where one can remain happily.


Those who betray trust have no salvation


 One should not question God's will.


The good one considers the sorrow of those who take refuge in him  as his own.


The ignoble one hides his real feelings and speaks out something  else.


The unintelligent are equal to ghosts.


One should not travel without an aide.


 One*s son should not be praised.


The master should be praised by subordinates.


Even in the performance of allotted duties, the master should be  praised.


The ruler's order should not be disobeyed.


 Whatever has been ordered  (by the ruler) should  be carried out


The intelligent have no enemies.


One's weakness should not be divulged.


The patient one achieves everything.


Money should be saved for difficult days,


The daring ones love their duty.


Tomorrow's deed, do today.


What is to be done in the afternoon should be done in the forenoon


 What is right depends on the nature of the case.


Experience of the world is all-knowledge.


A learned scholar, without world experience, is equal to a fool.


 The use of science is the sight of truth.


 Knowledge of truth lights up one's deeds.


One should be impartial in judging cases.


Proper behaviour is more important than being virtuous.


The soul is the witness of a transaction.


The spirit (soul) is the witness of everything.


One should not be a false witness.


False witnesses fall into bell.


Witnesses of hidden sins are the great elements.


One's sin is revealed by oneself.


In behaviour, the outer form indicates the inner core.


To hide one's form is impossible even for the gods.


Wealth should be protected from robbers and ruling officials.