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On the tip of the tongue lives the goddess of prosperity, on the tip of  the tongue lie friends and relatives.  Imprisonment and death also  definitely depend on the tip of the tongue. (Sweet­ness of speech is  very important.)


O tongue, you are fond  of   pungent things.   Why don't you speak  sweetly?   Speak sweetly, then you will bring prosperity. The world  is fond of sweetness.


All beings are pleased by the gift of sweet words. Hence only sweet  words should be spoken. Where is poverty in words?


The enemy should be destroyed by rulers by all means at all times:  whether by conciliation, concession, dissension or  invasion.


The enemy should be eradicated by taking the help of another  enemy who is under obligation.  Obstacles on the way can be  tackled only by the stick in hand, the thorn can be extracted only by  another thorn.


The enemy should be linked to difficulties, the daughter to a good  family, son to education, and a friend to righteous path. (Enemies),  gentle or violent are destroyed by gentle means. Nothing is  impossible by deploying gentle means. Hence gentle means are  sharper (in achieving ends).


The union of a large  number of good  people can defeat the enemy.  The cloud which rains torrentially is withstood by clusters of grass.


The union of even small people can become irresistible. The  elephant is tied by the rope, made of grass.


When the loss of one's wealth and danger to life is imminent, (the  ruler) should bow before the enemy and protect his life and wealth.


In proper time alliance should be made with enemies and war  fought with friends. The wise one lets go time with a purpose and to  achieve the task.


The enemy should be carried on one's shoulders so long as the  times are adverse, but should be attacked when the proper time  comes, as the earthen pot with a stone.


The enemy  should  not know one's  own  weakness,   but one  should  know the enemy's weakness.  One should  hide one's  intention, as the tortoise withdraws its limbs, and watch the  enemy's posture.


The task conceived  of in the mind  should not be divulged in words.  The secret, guarded through code, should be deployed  in action.


One's own weaknesses should be hidden, enemy's weaknesses  should be investigated. A ruler desiring a permanent kingdom,  should function like a moneylender.


The ruler should conclude a tieaty ol peace lor six months or a year.    Thereafter, keeping in view one's strength, floor the enemy.


When  in  difficulty, the ruler should conclude an alliance with  anyone available, as Rama did in olden days,  with bears, monkeys  etc. (animals with tails).



It is difficult to cross the wide ocean.  The army of monkeys was  dull witted. Yet strangely, Rama built the bridge in the ocean (with  their help).


Only those with objects in view enter into alliances.  There can be  no alliance with  people  who  are  satisfied  and have no desires to  be fulfilled. Hence all tasks should be kept unfinish­ed (in the matter  of satisfying allies).


Alliances should not be concluded for the sake of money or position.  When these are lost, the alliance fails.


The miser should be won over by means ol wealth, the proud man  by offering respect, the fool by flattery, aud the learned one by  truthfulness


The  superior  one  should  be dealt with  by submission, the valiant  one by division, the low one by gifts and the equal by power


Ruthless law, teacher without learning, wife with an angry face and  relatives without affection should be given up.


The  individual  should be forsaken for the family's  sake,  the family  for the sake of village, the village for the country and the earth for the  sake of the self.