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The ruler is the ornament of the earth, as the moon is of stars,  husband of women, and learning of all.


The ruler should not be despised even if he is an infant, as if he is  an ordinary man. A great god exists in human form as the ruler.


For this reason rulers desire domains: that in all matters their  commands are not violated.


Sometimes, though competent to rule, they give up (the domain)   not  out of foolishness, but as a touchstone to verify the truth  (whether out of power their writ will run or not).


The fruit of the domain is command, as the fruit of penance is  celibacy, the fruit of learning knowledge and of wealth donation and  enjoyment.


A ruler descended from a low family, a scholar with an idiotic son  and a poor man suddenly become rich are: all treated lightly by the  world.


Rulers should see through the eyes of justice, scholars  through the  eyes of learning, Brahmins  through the eyes of scriptures and the  rest through the surface eyes.


Rulers see through spies, as cows through smell, Brahmins  through scriptures and the rest of the people through their normal  eyes.


None is wiser than the creator: gold has not been given frag­rance,  sugarcane has not been given fruit, sandaiwood has no flower, tor  is a scholar rich or a ruler long-lived


God makes the ruler a beggar and a Beggar a ruler, the poor rich  and the rich poor.


Seven sleeping ones should not be woken up: the ruler, the lion, the  snake, the hog, the infant, another's dog, and an idiot.


Seven sleeping ones should be woken up:  the  treasurer,  door­keeper, the student, the servant, the traveller, the hungry one  and the one who is afraid.


 Hatred  towards  the ruler  results  in  ruin, as hatred towards  oneself results in death, hatred towards others  results in decay of  wealth and hatred towards the learned results in  decline of

the family.


The elite live in cities, the lowly in villages, the devils in between  villages and demons in the midst of villages


Humility should be learnt from noble princes, good speech from  scholars, falsehood from gamblers and cunning from women


Eight persons do not know others' sorrow: the ruler, the prostitute,  death, fire, thief, infant, beggar, and the village rogue.


Who did not become arrogant on attaining riches?  Which sensu list  had an end of his troubles?   Whose heart has not been hurt by  women? Who has been (permanently) dear to

rulers? Who has escaped the stealthy march of time? Which  beggar had dignity? Who, fallen in bad company, has travelled safe  on his path?


Who has seen or heard of a ruler as a friend, cleanliness in crows,  truth in gamblers, forgiveness in serpents, satisfaction of love in  women, valour in cowards, and discerning power in runkards?


There can be no friendship with a ruler. There is never a  non-poisonous snake. No family remains pure where a girl is born.


 Where is satisfaction in cats, kings, courtesans and beggars?


There can be no friendship with rulers, rascals, fools, as there can  be no play with snakes.


Which wise man can place trust in rulers, women, serpents, one's  own learning, in war with enemies, fire and evil men?


Ruling families should not be trusted, nor women, animals with  claws, rivers, creatures with horns and those who carry weapons.


Ignoble ones should be feared, as rulers should be feared. As also  those who depend on others for a living.  Known enemies should  also be feared, knowing their previous misdeed.


Only those whose life-span is over will trust mad people, snakes,  drunkards, elephants, women and ruling families.


Learning, considered to be well learnt, should again be master­ed,  the ruler, though well disposed, should be suspected, young  woman, though situated on one's body, should be guarded.  Attachment of learning, rulers and young women is fleeting.


Six things should be dealt with care, they destroy life  instanta­neously: ruling families, fire, water, women, serpents, and  idiots.


Very close proximity means disaster, being at a distance is  non-productive of results.    A middle path is right with rulers, fire,  teacher and women.


Wise men seek the service of rulers to help friends and destroy  enemies.   Who stimulates the stomach for nothing?


Favour of rulers is a shadow, as a good teacher,  father, elder  brother, relatives.  These shadows are rare.


One should not see empty-handed the ruler, deity, teacher,  astrologer or the doctor. With offerings results are achieved.


Deity, ruler, teacher, wife, doctor, astrologer, if visited  empty-handed do not bestow desired objects.