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A state is that which has people.  Without  people what will it yield,  like a barren cow? (Nothing.)


An unpeopled territory is no country and without a country there is  no state.


One  who  embarks upon  only what  is possible   undertakes works  which are easy to accomplish, one who embarks upon only  auspicious  works undertakes  faultless works, one  who

embarks upon only productive undertakings takes up works which  lead to (people's) welfare.


Time (opportunity) approaches a man desirous of it only once.And  will not come a second time when he wants to do his work.


 Generally gamblers are crooks.


By prostration, an army of the learned class (Brahmins) can be won  o\er.


Even for the sake of immense wealth, no one desires to die.


Success and failure are common on all paths.


Power alters the mind.


Persons of a particular type can be found out only by those of the  same type.


Sons kept engaged in pleasures do not rise against the father.


Only the display of valour can tackle   trouble.


That course of action should be followed which will usher in  prosperity.


Among thousands there is hardly one or not even one (fit to be a)  leader.


In vast tracts, medicinal herbs are found to grow in water or land  very rarely.


It is the combined acts of God and man that make the world  function.


Fire is not reliable and is an infliction of God.


A writer should know all conventions, he should be fast in  composing, have a beautiful handwriting and be able to read



Women are necessary to produce children.


How can chaste women deceive?


Activity is that which brings to fruition tasks undertaken.


Peace is that which allows the enjoyment of results achieved  without disturbance.


Land, watered by a tiver, is a means to living, in difficulties it  becomes a support.


Men's minds are not steady.


Having a nature similar to horses, men when engaged in works  exhibit change of behaviour.


Artisans are generally dishonest.


Even in matters of excessive valour, the wise one over-reaches the  brave one, as the hunter does the elephant.


The arrow shot by the archer may or may not kill a single person.  But stratagem devised by a wise man can kill even babes in the  womb.


In order to develop discipline, one should daily have the company of  learned elders, who are firmly rooted in discipline.


The gambler continuously plays on, even at night, by lamp-light and  even when the mother is dead.    And gets angry, if questioned in  difficulties.


One with character should" give up anger and lust, from  which all  evils start and which destroy the root of life and attain control over  senses by serving elders.


When  factors contributing to trouble for loyal elements arise,  immediately these should be countered by suitable measures.


On  account of kingdoms father fights sons and sons go against the  father. What then to say about minister folk?


Even a small trouble becomes very troublesome to one under  attack.


Like forest fire, the power born out of sorrow  and  resentment  bestows bravery.


No one should be disrespected.   Everyone's opinion shall be heard.  The wise one should utilise even a child's sensible words.


Performance of one's duty leads to heaven and eternal bliss. By  violation of duty and  consequent confusion people  come to ruin.


The three Vedas are useful in that they lay down the duties of the  four castes and the four stages of life.


One who upholds one's duty is happy in this life and the life  hereafter.


One should enjoy physical pleasures without harming righteous  conduct and material wealth. Thus shall he be happy. Equal  attention should be given to the three kinds of wealth which

are interconnected     Any one of the three: righteousness, material  wealth, physical pleasures, if excessively indulged in. harms itself  and the other two.


There is no man  without  desire.


Wealth will desert the childish man who always consults the stars.  Wealth is the (auspicious) star for wealth. What can stars (in the_  sky) do?


A person with (theoretical) knowledge, but without practical  experience, comes to grief in the accomplishment of tasks.


From the skill exhibited in performance is a man's capacity  assessed.


He who bows to the powerful bows to Indra (the granter of boons).


A steadfast worker does not give up his task without completion.


Fire lurks in wood.


What has come of its own shall not be discarded. A woman who  makes love on  her own,  if rejected, showers curses, so goes the  saying among the people.


The self-controlled one should protect himself.


The farsighted one should protect himself from both his own people  and outsiders.


People rooted in established noble conducts of life, firmly following  the prescribed division of duties and the various stages of life,  protected by the three Vedas progress and do not decay.


Peace and activity (industry) are the source of security and welfare.


Power, place and time mutually help.


The leader of a group should be impartial and do good to all  members of the group, he should be popular, self-controlled, have  loyal men and act according to  the wishes of all.


A noble one shall not be enslaved.


The rain god (Varuna) is the chastiser of sinners among men.


One's body should be protected, not wealth. Why feel for transient  riches?