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Armed forces under several  commands do not,  due to mutual fear,  go over to the enemy.


(Groups of people)  if stationed at one place are  capable of  acquiring arms.


Victor/ of rulers in battle depends mainly on elephants.


A fight between equals, like the collision of one unbaked pot with  another, destroys both.


In a fight with an inferior, one attains absolute victory, like the stone  hitting an earthen pot.


Power is the cause for the forging of treaties. Unheated metal does  not join with metal.


The force of (an army)  which  returns to  fight,  without any desire  to live, is irresistible. Hence a broken  army  should, not be   harassed.


In daytime the crow kills the owl.  At night  the  owl  kills the crow.  (The time of fight is important.)


In the fight between the dog and   the  pig the  ultimate victorv is that  of the pariah (who gets the meat to eat).


A dog on land drags a crocodile. A crocodile in  water drags a dog.  (The place of fight is important.)


One should sign a treaty of peace with one's equal and superior and  fight with the inferior.


Fighting a superior is like an infantry soldier fighting an elephant.


(A weak ruler) surrendering to everyone lives without hope in life like  the crab on the river bank (always in the danger of being captured).  One who fights with a small army perishes like the one who tries to  cross the sea without a boat. Hence he should seek refuge with a  powerful ruler or remain in an impregnable fort.


An army not under control can be brought under control by  conciliation and other means.