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Just as it is difficult not totaste honey or poisonplaced on thetongue, similarly, it is difficultfor one handling the ruler's money torefrain from tasting it in at least small quantities.


Just as it is not possible to know when the hsh moving in waterdrink water, similarly, it isdifficult to†† findoutwhen officersemployed in the execution of works misappropriate money.


Even the path of birds flying in the sky can be found out but not theways of officers who hide their intentions.


Even one who is not a thief is likely to be captured as a thief, if he isseen accidentally on the scene of theft, or if there is resemblancebetween the dress, weapons and other articles of the thief and his,or if he is seen near the stolen articles.


(The cowherds) if given wages in the form of milk and ghee act tothe detriment of calves.


He who is responsible for loss of revenue shall be deemed to haveeaten the ruler's property.


He who doubles the revenue eats up the people's property.


He who causes expenditure equal to the revenue eats up the labourof workmen.


The pure shall not be corrupted, as water by poison. Sometimes itmay not be possible to find a cure for the corrupted.


The intellect of the brave, trained to bę steadfast, once corruptedmay not return without reaching the end (the summit of corruption).


In a case of misappropriation involving a large amount of money if agovernment servant is proved to be guilty of even a small part heshall be held liable for the whole amount.