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We Are Ready for Sankirtana-samadhi

We take advantage of associating together, so that when we depart to our respective destinations, our minds will be fixed on satisfying Shrila Prabhupada by distributing hundreds of thousands of his books. If we have in our hearts the desire to perform this sankirtana mission with love and devotion, we will be successful. Now is the time to free ourselves from all other thoughts and desires and go into sankirtana-samadhi. We have finished with dsana and prdnayama. We have fin­ished with dhyana and dharand. We are now ready for full absorption in our worshipable object — the mercy of Lord Chaitanya and Shrila Prabhupada.


We are asking everyone to shift into high gear and turn up the steam, for we want to start chugging away on the train back home, back to Uodhead and we don t want any slow pokes or anchors hanging out the back. Yet this train is big and we want all the living entities to come aboard, so we are in the engine compartment, stoking up the engine by offering these books in the fire of the sankirtana-yajna. And the more we offer these books to people, the more the engine is getting hot enough to go back to Godhead. Many people have Shrila Prabhupada's books sitting on their bookshelves, many are reading the books, and many are con­vinced that Krsna consciousness is rhe best thin0—thev i>>sf don't want to admit it right now because they are afraid that they will appear foolish to others. But one day all these people will stand up for what thev know to be good, and when thev do, they will turn around and see thousands of Hare Krsna centers. Our traveling preaching parties are like fishermen. Our nets comb the ocean of nescience and pick up fish who don't get out of the way and who like to be caught in the net, and we put the fish in little bowls called ndma-hatta centers. Then other people can come and see them, and more and more people can learn about chanting Hare Krsna.


The spreading of this Krsna consciousness movement be­gins with, is maintained with, and will go on to successful culmination by the distribution of Shrila Prabhupada's books. Book distribution makes everything successful, but stopping book distribution makes everything go to hell; therefore we must go on with this book distribution mission. If it is not going on, you should feel so terrible that you will not be able to sleep. Every devotee should be so dedicated that he is ready to do anything to keep the sankirtana mission increasing.We request all of you to please, kindly take up this mission very strongly and sincerely, and don't stop. We will go on requesting this until everyone takes it up very seriously. Even then we will still request it because it is the nicest request. We will never be satisfied to request anything else. If you go on with this transcendental sankirtana mission, producing and distributing transcendental literature and teaching others transcendental knowledge, both vou and those you meet will be happy and successful. You will especially please Shrila Prabhupada, Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, and the entire disciplic succession, and they will shower their blessings upon you.It is guaranteed that those who engage in this sankirtana mission will go back home, back to Godhead. Lord Chaitanya Himself said to one of His devotees, "You just go on preach­ing, and in the future you will have My association again in this place." Preaching in separation is a higher service. Lord Chaitanya guarntees that if we go on preaching and expanding this Krsna consciousness movement, then without a doubt we will have Lord Chaitanya's association in the spiri­tual world.