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Think Big

In a war the enemv always puts up a front. You mav decimate them with bombs, but they will claim that no damage was done. One side reports eight million of the enemy killed, and the other side reports only twenty-two people lost in battle but five billion of the enemy killed. In a war everybody makes propaganda. In the war between mdya and this Krsna con­sciousness movement, mdya is putting up a big front as if we were not effective. But that is not the truth. Mdya may be reporting over her radio waves that she has scored big suc­cesses over Krsna consciousness and that Krsna consciousness has made only a little progress, but the Krsna consciousness movement has reported that the world is sinking fast and that mdya is gradually surrendering her hold. We are assaulting mdyd's strongholds. Our sankirtana vans are assault-vehicles from which the devotees spring forth to battle mdya by distrib­uting Shrila Prabhupada's books all over the world. We must be determined because maya is fighting a dirty, messy war against Krsna consciousness.


The month of December is holy because it is the month of the maha-marathon. This marathon should make all the other marathons we have ever done look like kids' stuff. We have mdya on the run. All over the world people are beginning to understand that there is no hope with maya and no solution except Krsna. But don't give up and think that we have done enough and we cannot do any more. Keep on pushing until you see a breakthrough, and then become enthusiastic to do even more. When you understand that Krsna consciousness is the only solution, you will want to increase your distribu­tion unlimitedly. You will want to do three hundred books in an hour. Although that seems a little unreasonable, if you set your sights high, Krsna will give you the ability to make wonderful things happen.Think big! Shrila Prabhupada never thought little. He said that his disease was that he could not think little; he could only think big. Now all of his sons and daughters, grand-con*; itifl arcmrlrlanornrprc, Viqvp rnnrrartpn fntc nprpnirarv nic-ease — we have to think big. If you only think little, of course you may accomplish your goal. But what is the use of that/ You should trv to become Krsna conscious and think. "Yes, we are going to take over the world for Krsna." Taking over the world does not mean political or economic takeover. It means we want to establish that Krsna is param Isvara, the supreme controller, and not mdya.


If we set our sights big and go out during the Prabhupada Marathon with enthusiasm, regardless of what our normal occupation might be, we will be able to distribute enormous amounts of books. We should never forget that each of us is a part of the biggest mission. Every devotee has a big part to play because there are so few of us and the mission is so big. No one should underestimate the importance of his role within this mission, and everyone should push on without any other thought in mind.