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The Big Bang of Books

"A big bang of books was started by Shrila Prabhupada, and a change occurred within the universe. As the books scattered in all directions, by chance some of them landed in different homes, and by chance the people read them and became Krsna conscious Thus the world changed." But these occurrences were not directed by chance, in the same way that the universal creation was not a product of chance. It is not by chance that people take these books, read them, and go back home, back to Godhead. It is not by chance that billions and trillions of books will be distributed. It is the perfect arrangement of the Lord.


Sometimes devotees ask me, "Is it right that I set a quota and then pray to Krsna to reach that quota, or should I just try to do as much as I can?" They do not want to demand a result from Krsna. But whatever you consider your quota to be, Krsna's quota for you is much higher. If you are only ftving to do one-third of Krsna's quota, what H the Hi< leal it you are praying to Krsna to help you. Krsna's quota for you is 10,000 books a day! But you set a quota of twenty, fifty, or a hundred and are proud of your quota. You don't know that Krsna wants everything from you. Whatever you think your quota is, you can multiply it by a hundred, and then you may be near to what Krsna's quota is for you. You have to surrender and give up all conceptions, such as, "I am the doer, the enjoyer, the knower, and the intelligent one. See how expert I am!" Your only purpose should be to perform the service that vou have been given within this mission with full enthusiasm, dedication, devotion, and love. We are an army, not a little bunch of people who have gotten together to have a party. We are marching against the demons! We don't like the demons, and we don't like their civilization. We don't want to have anything to do with their civilization. We want to crush their civilization. We are an army, we don't mess around, and we are not playing games. Our mission is to crush and destroy the demoniac civilization with books!