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Pick a Fight with the Asuras


Krsna is not without desire. Out of His causeless mercy, He instructs His associates to kindly descend into the material world to distribute transcendental knowledge. Shrila Prabhu­pada once said that he was peacefully situated in the spiritual world, when Krsna asked him, "Could you go down to the material world and preach? Don't worry, I will take care of everything. Just go down and write your books, in this way Prabhupada came to the material world to pick a fight with the asuras.


Shrila Prabhupada's books disturb the demoniac mentality because the demons cannot tolerate spiritual knowledge. The demons want everybody to remain in ignorance and suffering forever. Because of the resistance of the demons, the Krsna consciousness movement must enter the demoniac society like a needle, so that we can bring spiritual knowledge to the nenple of this world Tbpn rhis krsna consciousness move­ment can turn into a plow and transform this world by spiri­tual revolution. Krsna wants this transformation to take place and He has chosen us to do it, not because we are qualified but because Krsna is giving us the mercy. The spreading of this Krsna consciousness movement through the distribution of tran­scendental knowledge is the greatest benediction of our lives, for by establishing Krsna consciousness in others, we also establish it in ourselves.