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Making the Spiritual Master's Order Your Order


No matter what happens we will go on producing and distrib-uting Shrila Prabhupada's books. If a time ever comes when that is not happening, then I am prepared to make the money to produce and distribute the books myself. I will get a job digging ditches if necessary. Anything against production and distribution of books can be rejected. We would rather die than aivp nn distributing books' That is the feelinc that Shrila Prabhupada has implanted in me. A disciple should not think of anything other than ful­filling the order of the spiritual master. He should meditate on how to make that order his goal in life, tor by that he will attain perfection. Even if for some reason he may not be able to fulfill the order immediately, he should with complete and utter surrender meditate on how to get to the point of fulfilling it.The order for book distribution has descended through the disciplic succession, so it is a very important instruction and we all must follow it. The mercy of this book distribu­tion will transform the face of this world. We have already seen so many transformations taking place, for example, all the changes in Eastern Europe. Of course, we do not take credit for all of the changes, but the intense effort to distribute large quantities of Shrila Prabhupada's books creates an auspi­cious atmosphere for change. Our book distribution is making a wholesale revolution, because by teaching people the spiri­tual quality ot lite, they will naturally and automatically want to change the way this modern society is running. More and more persons will become interested in spiritual life, give up eating meat, fish, and eggs, and start to realize that Krsna consciousness is something special.


Although the external symptoms of transformation may not be easily seen, that so many people already have books is evidence that a revolution is taking place. Rohinlsuta Prabhu was telling me that when he offers books to the people in Zurich, they say, "I already have thirtv of them." Such persons are becoming auspicious. When people have this science 01 Krsna consciousness in their homes, preaching to them is easy. These books are the life and soul of the preaching mission, so let us keep the order of the spiritual master to produce and distribute books in the forefront of our consciousness and make it our life and soul.