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It Is Possible

We are going to bomb the demons to death with books. Al­though the demons are bewildered about how it is happening, more and more people are getting Shrila Prabhupada's books. We will give out books to every house and corner. Lord Nitya-nanda cut a canal from the ocean of ecstasy, brought it to every door, and blew the houses down. Similarly, we are dis­tributing ecstasy all over the world. And yet we are not satisfied. When was Shrila Prabhupada ever satisfied? When did he ever sit back and say, "Yes, my dear disciples, now you have done it. I am fully satisfied." Never! He said, "More. Double it!" We thought, "Impossible," but he said, "What is impossible? Double it means do twice as much."


We have to double it, otherwise there is no question of  bulding the biggest bulding on the Asian continent. The Hare Krsna movement, which ten years ago was wearing one blue sock and one red sock, is now building the biggest build­ing in Asia. Lord Nityananda predicted it and Shrila Bhakti-vinoda Thakura saw it. Still that does not mean "poof" and automatically the building will be there. We have to seriously and sincerely give up all material desires for our own sense gratification, run out the door like transcendental madmen, and distribute books all over the world.Don't think that it is not possible to get so many books out If von think that it is nor possible, ir is nor possible. Rut as soon as you think that it is possible, it is possible. Upon hearing the spiritual master's order, the low-class devotee says, "Impossible. I will never be able to do it," but the high-class devotee says, "Although it may not be possible, my spiritual master told me to do it, so I'll do it. I have no idea how, but I'll pray to the lotus feet of the Lord and Shrila Prabhupada to make it possible." Anything is possible if it is the order of the spiritual master. The order of the spiritual master makes the impossible possible.


In spiritual life it is extremely important to act in a way that pleases the spiritual master because when he is pleased with us, he will give us the mercy by which we can do impossible things. That book distribution should continually increase is from a material viewpoint practically impossible, yet by Shrila Prabhupada's mercy book distribution continues to increase year after year. Therefore we should throw ourselves down in front of Shrila Prabhupada at least three times a day and beg for his blessings and mercy to continue to advance in spiri­tual life, to develop our devotional qualities, and to increase this sankirtana mission. By Shrila Prabhupada's mercy, Lord Shri Krsna will be pleased with us. And when Krsna is pleased, He will bestow upon us His causeless mercy and bless us to always be able to increase our preaching. Success in preaching comes only when we depend fully on the spiritual master and get his mercy.