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The Topmost Preaching


I'm a Fanatic


Shrila Prabhupada has told us what the prime benediction is, what we should do, and how we should act. He has stated clearly, 'There is no more direct way to preach than to dis≠tribute Krsna conscious books." Therefore we have traveling preaching teams, who take piles of books and distribute them in every town and village, encouraging the people to surren≠der to Krsna. Then when someone becomes very sincere, he joins Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's sankirtana party. Thus taking a book of Shrila Prabhupada's and putting it into the hand of a materialist is the topmost and most direct preaching.


In our classes over the years, we have explained the phi≠losophy in many ways, but hopefully you have noticed an overriding theme in them. The only reason I don't just jump up and down all the time and scream, "Distribute books, because you would get bored. But that is how I feel. I am a fanatic! Maybe 1 don't look like a fanatic. I try to be fair. But actually I am a fanatic, and I have always been a fanatic. An uncontrollable madness wells up in me, and I have no other desire than to see millions of books distributed. I am also satisfied to see other projects developingóbut only if the books are going out. Otherwise I cannot tolerate anything else. I support everybody in every service, but in my heart I only care about book distribution. I am sorry, because there are so many other programs that everybody else considers important, but the most important program is distributing books. Shrila Prabhupada once wrote u> one devotee, "What is the use of your three minutes preach≠ing? They will listen to you and say that you are very nice, uut then they will go away and quickly forget everything you said. But if you give them a book, they will read it or at least somehow get benefited."