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To Stop Distributing Is Spiritual Death


Marathon prevents us from becoming monkeys engaged in activities for material benefit, gramya-karma. Now that the marathon is going on, we are working hard and losing our attachment to the material body. This purifying atmosphere has to be kept up, even if it is difficult. First, we are not going to let you stop; we will keep kicking you out the door. And second, it is not good for you to stop. Therefore we are going to continue this marathon until it becomes our way of life. When you breathe, think, talk, and act for the sake of the sankirtana movement, then you are living.


One cannot just send out a few book distributors in an attempt to avoid surrendering, because the power of the san­klrtana mission comes from everyone's cumulative strength. When everyone has the sanklnanu spun and sua ids behuiu the mission, everyone is a source of power, or sakti, for the book distributors, but when a place is pervaded with a non-sankirtana mood, everyone sucks away the sakti from the sankirtana devotees.I can implant some desire within you, but the desire that takes off and does wonders comes from you. I can set up a perfect arena for your desire to burn. I set up the bricks, the sand, the salt on the bricks, the necessary yantras, and the fruit around the fire yajiia. I put the camphor here and the  strick there. Shrilaprabhpada lights the fire and I pour on some ghee. But you have to pour on more ghee and add more wood. You keep the fire burning. If you don't keep it burning, then what hope is rhere? If we don't- create snmp srrong men and women with a burning desire to please the spiritual mas­ter and do something wonderful, then there is no hope. You have to turn around and start accomplishing things for the spiritual master. He should not have to work all the time just to get you to do something. It is about time to accept some responsibility. Each one of us has to take the responsibility to distribute these books. It is a mission! You should not just do it because you are told to do it. The hot flame of desire burning within your heart should impel you to do it. You cannot imagine how blissful and how strong you will become.


How can we increase our desire? Rise early in the morning, chant Hare Krsna, and follow the four regulative principles. These things are important. But deep in your heart you have to realize that unless you stand on your own two feet, you are not going to succeed. At one point you have to grow up and take responsibility. This mission — book publication and distribution—is your mission. Shrila Prabhupada said, "It's your movement," and I am saying the same thing, "It's your mission." You just have to realize it. Prabhupada used to say, "I'm an old man. I can die at any moment," and I say, "I'm not so old, but I also can die at any moment." And then what? There is no use having a movement where everyone leans on someone else, because as soon as that someone steps away, everything falls apart. You have to realize that this is your mission. Think about this. Meditate on it.. Take that mission and run with it. We want convinced devotees who can preach, save others, and go back to Godhead themselves, not dead bodies propped up with a stick from behind, who fall apart or disappear when it comes time to go out on sankirtana.

When we are all engaging in the sankirtana mission, strong people will be attracted to join our movement—people we don't have to hold up with a stick. Therefore v/e should use this marathon time as an opportunity to take up that mission if we haven't already done so, to renew that mission if we have given it up , and to keep on going if we have already committed  our lives to it. Just don't stop!b