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The Meaning of Surrender


We have to increase more and more. Every devotee can do it. One who presently sellsfivehundredbooksaweekcan easily increase to eight hundred. But increase dosen’t mean pushing more or being more materially intelligent; it means to completely surrender to Krsna, holding on to the lotus feet of the Lord at every moment and remembering that if we don't surrender now, we may not be able to do it in the future. Therefore we should immediately surrender all desires and aspirations for anything other than book distribu­tion. Increase doesn't only mean pushing more or being more materially intelligent, don't misunderstand; it means being increasingly conscious of Krsna at every moment, completely connected with the energv of the Lord. Krsna told Arjuna. am bhava savya-sacin: "Don't worry. By following My instructions, you will become connected with Me as an instrument to annihilate all these men .


We have seen that those not surrendering to the book dis­tribution mission fall away, whereas those who surrender become stronger. This is proof—phalena pariclyate, judging the relative value by the results—that we must become com­pletely convinced that the sankirtana movement is the order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and that sense gratifi­cation is only worthy of hogs and dogs. All sense gratification culminates in sex life. According to the degree one is attracted to sex life, one cannot hold on to the lotus feet of the Lord. t is a question of our desire to become Krsna conscious; when we understand the urgency of becoming Krsna con­scious, everything else becomes insignificant. As soon as we become Krsna conscious and surrender to the order ot the Lord, He gives us the potency: krma-sakti vina nahe tarn pra-vartana. "By Krsna's sakti. the energy of the Lord, one can spread Krsna consciousness all over the world." It cannot be done by mundane abilities, by a big show, or by tricks; it can only be done by sincere, one-hundred-percent surrender. Sur­render means surrender unto the instruction of the guru, and Shrila Prabhupada has ordered book distribution to double this year.


As the material world goes to hell and the Krsna conscious­ness movement takes hold, we will be the only shelter for the conditioned souls, and the whole world will surrender. Those who

Have  tried to stop  ees who kept on distributing books despite all attempts to prevent them. Therefore the most glorious devotees surrender one hundred percent to  selling  Shrila rabhupada's books. The more one increases, the more the mercy of the spiritual master comes pouring down on one's head. You don't have to believe me—just try it and see. Sur­render completely to Krsna! Otherwise you can surrender completely to mdyd  We are perfectly capable of complete surrender, so why not surrender to Krsna and become completely cstatic? Just give up all dog-eating desires!