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The Flame of Compassion

A person too much absorbed in himself loses his compassion for others. He doesn't consider book distribution to be very important, or he thinks, "Let others do it." Such a person will only engage in the sankirtana mission out of force. You have to put a sword to his back and say, "March!" and then maybe he will do something out of fear. To do sankirtana, one has to be devoid of self-interest and only interested in helping others.


In spiritual life, as soon as you discipline yourself and do something you don't want to do, you will immediately like it. Sometimes I see so much fear of going out on book distribu­tion among the ladies. This is mental-platform nonsense. As soon as you do it you will feel fine. As soon as you dive in and splash around in the nectar ocean of Lord Nityananda's mercy, you will find that you feel good about it. You begin to wake up , you are enlivened, and your vision becomes clear. But for this to be possible, one has to have at least a little flame of compassion for the fallen conditioned souls suffering in this material world. Even if this flame is small, by fanning it, it will gradually grow into a big flame. And when that fire of desire is always burning hotter to serve this mission of Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda under the instruction of the spiritual master, it will make a wonderful effect. If you want to help others, then distribute books. And if you have no compassion to help others, then do it to help yourself get some compassion, because you cannot be a devo­tee of the Lord without compassion.