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Material Qualifications Are Not Enough


Those on the middle-class platform, madhyama-adhikarl, can engage in the sankirtana movement because sankirtana means preaching to the innocent. Those on the third-class platform, kanistha-adhikarl, cannot engage in sankirtana because they lack the faith to do it. You have to have faith to engage in the sankirtana movement. It cannot be done by material means alone. Even if you were an expert distributor of encyclope-r|iaĞ before you came to Krsna consciousness, you wouldn't be able to distribute Shrila Prabhupada's books on that basis alone. We once hired an expert book salesman to sell our books in die bookstores. "No problem," he said, "i can easily sell these books. They are very nice." But he couldn't sell a single book. He had to come back shamefaced and admit, "I cannot sell these books. Nobody wants them. How do you do it?" Our devotees do it by having faith in the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His sankirtana mission. Even new bhaktas can distribute hundreds of books a week and leave the greatest salesmen in the dust. Not many people would believe how many books we sell each week, and we don't even tell them, because they would just get bewildered.

The fallen conditioned souls are blessed by this wonder­ful book distribution mission even though they are averse to Krsna.

iccha-dvesa-samutthena  dvandva-mohena bharata

sarva-bhutani sammoham sarge ydnti parantapa

It is heavy to think about, but we are approaching haters of Krsna, who don't want to surrender to the Supreme Person­ality of Godhead. The devotee has to convince them that something is wrong with being a hater of Krsna. If he nicely explains to them why they want these books, then the people become attracted to the devotee and the beauty of the books, and they take books without even realizing that rhiĞ i* exactly what they didn't want. Later on many of them realize this and ask themselves, "Why did I buy these books? I didn't even want them," and when they meet the distributor on the street again, they tell him, "I didn't want these books, but somehow  you made me buy them." They bought them because their deepest, most heartfelt desire is to take many books and sur­render to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. People surren­der to the book distributors because a pure representative of the spiritual master is standing in front of them. They can see that he is more nnwerfii] be h'^s his mission, and his cencen nation is fixed on one point. Never underestimate the purity and determination needed by the sankirtana devotees.