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Doubters Have No Potency


The mind of an intelligent person, following in the footsteps of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, is only attracted by His mission. In other words, only those attracted and dedicated to the lotus feet of Lord Shri Krsna can be absorbed in the sankirtana movement of Lord Chaitanya. If one has inclinations toward Mayavada philosophy or doubts that Krsna and Lord Chaitanya are the Supreme Personality of Godhead or that the mission of Gaura-Nitai is the supreme mission, he will not have the transcendental potency to perform this wonderful sankirtana mission.


Your influence on this world is determined by your absorption in Krsna consciousness. If you are not Krsna conscious, you cannot affect others. If you are thinking that this activity is materialistic, unimportant, or only for others, or that you will do it for some time but ultimately quit, then you cannot distribute. You must be fully absorbed in Krsna consciousness and determined to distribute it. Krsna consciousness is not a temporary manifestation; it is the eternal occupational duty of the soul. There is no use trying to sit back and enjoy protection within this spiritual movement, wasting life in a lazy wav. It is not sufficient to free oneself from material contamination. One has to positively place himself in spiritual service and activity. This spiritual service of transcendental distribution is so important that it is unending. 1 here will always be someone to give books to. Only a fool thinks that everyone already has a book.


It is false to think that what you are doing is not relevant to the sankirtana mission. If you are serving in the temple, that is relevant also, because you are supporting book distri­bution. It is like a house. You may not consider the founda­tion important, because you cannot see it under the earth, but without a foundation, the building will fall down. All parts of this ISKCON house are important, but some parts are more visible. The book distributors belong to the visible part. They are the representatives of this Krsna consciousness movement. Thus their personal qualities and characteristics are so important. There is a big difference between receiving literature from a convinced distributor and an uncertain dis­tributor. People get a good and powerful impression from a distributor who is convinced, and they read the book; but peo­ple are not inclined to read a book they were sold by material means from an uncertain distributor. A neophyte distributor may take shelter of methods that are not so Krsna conscious. That may be useful in the begin­ning so that he is able to distribute some books; but ultimately, he should work to develop and improve his consciousness. Although we are one big ISKCON team, we have to develop individually to make the team stronger. We develop by knowl­edge, .» good standard of legulatcu life, auu good assoeuiuoii. Above all, we develop by hearing. Hear the Hare Krsna mantra, and hear Srlmad-Bhagavatam, the Bhagavad-gltd, and the other books of Shrila Prabhupada's! Don't become lazy and decide to stop hearing. Hear! Chant! Remember! Learn our philosophy! Learn good qualities! Then your personal char­acter will develop, and the deep austerity performed on sankirtana will bring out your transcendental knowledge and realizations. Then when you meet people, they will be very-happy they met you.


Book distribution is not limited bv material conceptions. It is the only preaching that makes <i deep and lasting im­pression on all the people. Therefore we want to flood the world with these books. All other kinds of preaching to attract people to join Krsna consciousness and help them perform devotional service are supplementary and comple­mentary to book distribution. Book distribution is the most important service within the Krsna consciousness movement. Never for a moment doubt it! Never think other things are more important!