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Devotees Are Kind

Although the materialists are far removed from Krsna, they can be brought closer to Him by the kindness of a devotee.Devotees are so kind that they go out in the cold weather and distribute Krsna conscious books. The people may not want any books, but they are able to take them, because the devo­tee's compassionate desire is stronger than their desire. Then, when they take a book and associate with this literature, they '^rp mirififn ^nd °Taduallv realize more and more about Krsna and they eventually go back home, back to Godhead. It all you kind devotees keep bringing the Lord's mercy to the conditioned souls, evervbodv in the universe will be satisfied, including the demigods. The demigods are also devotees, and they like to see Lord Chaitanya's followers bringing Krsna con­sciousness to every door. If you just go on preaching, then you will realize Krsna one day. Krsna will simply say, "I am like this," and your life will be perfect.