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One should be consistent and not go up and down on the sankirtana chart. Many sankirtana devotees have performed their service steadily for many years and are always around the same number on the chart. When the sankirtana results are read in the assembly of devotees, everyone doesn't jump up and down and scream their glories. But they are not con­cerned, because they know how much Shrila Prabhupada ap­preciates their consistent service. Consistency (maintenance of one's position) is a symptom of the mode of goodness, going up (creation) is a symptom of the mode of passion, and falling down (destruction) is a symptom of the mode of ignorance. That doesn't mean if you get a house and maintain a family for the rest of your life, you are in the mode of goodness. No, we are talking about devotees cent percent dedicated to the devotional service of preaching. They become consistent, remain consistent, and go on to make wonderful results be­cause there is no passion. And the proof is they maintain their position week after week.


Sometimes we get a new rising star on sankirtana, who lasts for one year and then burns out. Preaching and book distri­bution are not a one-year's or even a ten-years' work. They are your life;s work .Therefore you should deal with yourself and your environment in such a way that you maintain a consistent position and steadily increase. When you make such a plan, you can understand that you are cent percent heading back to Krsnaloka.