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Beaming with Transcendental Consciousness


One who knows Srlmad-Bhdgavatam and distributes it to others is the most magnanimous of souls because he is distrib­uting the glorious words of Shrila Vyasadeva, who presented this transcendental knowledge under the order of Shri Narada Muni. And now Shrila Prabhupada is bringing this knowledge under the order of the previous acaryas to all the conditioned souls within this world. These books with their transcenden­tal purports are designed to awaken realization of the Ab­solute Truth within the hearts of the conditioned souls. Therefore the devotees wander from town to town and village to viiiagc just tvj deliver tins transcendental Knowledge. Through these transcendental books the Krsna conscious­ness movement will ultimately conquer all other philosophies and forms ^ religiosity on this planet. Who else has knowl­edge that can compare to the knowledge in these books? The Bible, for instance, gives some knowledge of the Supreme, but it is a short book, containing mainly analogies, allegories, stories, and histories. It contains very little information of the qualities, activities, and pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 


To know about Krsna you have to go to authorities like Narada Muni and Arigira Rsi, and they will grant you this knowledge. That is why we distribute Shrila Prabhupada's books. Here we have an authority granting us transcenden­tal knowledge. They are not just any books. It is not that we like to sell books. If I gave you a set of encyclopedias to sell, you probably wouldn't be able to do it, because you are not interested in them. Even though you might make some money by selling them, you know that such books are available every­where, they have no value, and you become a fool and a rascal by reading them, not a learned scholar. Therefore we are only interested in distributing Shrila Prabhupada's books. His books have the potency to incite a revolution in the hearts of men. A sudden change in fortune is within their grasp. They have the possibility to awaken to their real position as servants of the Lord and become blissful. This is not possible by distrib­uting any other kind of book. Shrila Prabhupada wants us to distribute these books because he knows the people have no other source of transcendemal knowled"^ If rhe^ warn if they have to get it from us. The problem is they don't even want it, so we follow in the footsteps of the saintly personalities and try to inspire the conditioned souls to want something they don't want. It is amazing that you can give a book to a person who doesn't want it. The mundane salesmen can study our technique all day and night, and they will not be able to duplicate it. Many times a day, every day of the year, week after week, thousands of books are given to people who don't want them, because when a person beaming with transcendental consciousness is standing before them, they become attracted and impressed. The devotee is unlike the ordinary people of this world. He is not asking much: "Just take one, two, or twenty of these books home." After all, people buy so much garbage while they are shopping. Half of the time they don't know what they are buying. But when they take home these books, they become transcendentally blissful. The distributors often send us photos of people who have bought sets of books, blissfully holding the books with big smiles on their faces.


During the Prabhupada Marathon, every one of us can give others the opportunity to experience that happiness. It is nice that the Christians have this Christmas holiday. The people are a little loose with their laksml, and when they meet a devo­tee they become enlivened. A devotee approaches them with confidence because he knows he has something they really want. Superficially they may not want it, but deep down they do because they want to be happy, and this is the way to be happy. Therefore they surrender and take the book home. And when they read the books, their whole life changes. They write us letters, saying, "I've read all these books, and now I can no longer live within the material world. What shall I do?" We say, "Wonderful!" Another book has bombed this person's material life to smithereens. Another bomb has blasted the material existence of another materialist into tiny pieces, and now he has become a spiritualist.