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Absolute Determination

Our mission is to simply distribute Krsna consciousness. And the best way to do that we already know. We produce and distribute Shrila Prabhupada's books by the millions and bil­lions and trillions, by the tons and billions of tons, until every house has a set and a reserve set. This is our mission. Plenty of people can buy a set, a spare set, and a reserve set for the future time capsule. We should be so fanatical. It is required. And that is renunciation. Distributing books is the supreme renunciation. One doesn't sit in a nice temple, but one mainly lives in a van, sleeping and eating there too. It is a greater renunciation than a mystic yogi performs in the Himalayas because on the street maya stares you in the eyes and says, "What, are you crazy?" And the devotee has to stare back at maya and say, "No! Who's crazy—the one thinking he's the body or the one knowing he's a spirit soul?"


Upon accepting this mission of the Lord, one immediately and automatically renounces all other desires. Simply by being engaged in distributing books or supporting the sankirtana mission, there is no question of maintaining material desires. Who could avoid becoming renounced when engaged in the sankirtana mission? Only the greatest rascal insists on trying to be the enjoyer. Although he is thrown into an ocean of nectar, he crawls out again because he has a hog mentality and doesn't like nectar.Until one has developed a taste, to simply be in the nectar of sankirtana is very difficult. But even if you don't have the taste, the qualification for developing it is to just keep on going. Better yet is to have some brain in the head and understand that in Kali-yuga, yajnaih sankirtana-prayair ya-janti hi sumedhasah, Lord Chaitanya's sankirtana movement is the way to worship Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Then you will engage in this mission with full, absolute determination.