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"You Are Brainwashed!"


Somebody may say that I am brainwashing you. But if you don't like to be brainwashed in this way, the door is over there. We have come together to be brainwashed. The brain is dirty.It has been filled with material contamination for many life times. We take out bleach, ammonia, heavy detergents, and brushes, and we clean the brain. Then, after a lot of work, some rascal comes up and says, "You're brainwashed!" To that we should immediately reply, "You're a stool brain! If my brain is clean and you don't like it, that means you like filth and are in the mode of ignorance." What is cleaner than a clean brain absorbed in the book distribution mission? Nothing! Therefore we don't mind being brainwashed.


Only those who are brainwashed can brainwash others. For example, u yuu <ask a completely nitny person i\iiO nus uccii outside in the dirt, mud, and grease to clean your room, he can attempt to clean it, but he will just leave streaks of filth clean anything7 Those who scream, "You are brainwashed," are just jealous because ' they cannot brainwash anybody. Still these envious rascals try to brainwash you by saying something like, "Those who sell books out on the street all day are zombies." But they are only throwing stool on the brain, and the first thing that happens when you listen to them is that books don't get produced or distributed.