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The Vedanta of ISKCON

The only thing you must do in this life is know Shrila Prabhu­pada's transcendental books and induce others to know them. Therefore we distribute books. Some may think that book distribution is a passionate activity that should not be talked about, but book distribution is the Vedanta of ISKCON. You can only appreciate this activity of producing and dis­tributing books when vou understand the conclusion (^ tbr e conclusion of the veda.s is to be absorbed in Krsna, but one cannot be absorbed in Krsna if one does not know Him. Knowing Krsna can take many lifetimes, bahundrh jan-mandm ante jndnavan mam prapadyate. But when a person knows Krsna, he will see Him everywhere, vdsudevah sarvam iti. Such a person becomes like Prahlada Maharaja, uncon­cerned with bodily pleasures and pains. He is only interested in producing and distributing the Vedic literature in all the languages of the world, because he wants others to come to the same platform he as attained .This is an elite position, sa mahdtmd su-durlabha, the topmost platrorm of Krsna consciousness.


Occasionallv when 1 lecture on such points, some devo­tees become disturbed. For instance, they think that because •I am such a sankirtana fanatic I am against gurukula. That is foolish because I am also a gurukula fanatic. But what are we training the gurukula students for? To become first-class Vedantists and first-class book producers and distributors, so they can break the teeth of the Mayavadi Everyone in 1SKCON is trained to become a Vedantist who can give Vedanta to others. For example, when a devo­tee who works with machines buys a machine part, he gives Vedanta to the man who supplies the parts by giving him a book. Also the sankirtana devotees are experts at giving Vedanta; when they buy gas for the car, they pay with a book. Therefore, although a Vaisnava devotee mav go out to accom­plish a siidra activity, he goes out with sankirtana spirit, and everyone he meets advances toward the path of Vedanta.