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The Service Is the Reward


This book distribution mission is a lifelong mission. It is not something that you only do during the marathon so that you can read your name in the newsletter and think, "Look at me!  Eighty million point.;." You should not expect to scream your name from the rooftops, nor should you expect a prize. This is a mission, and you simply participate in the mission.


When Krsna returned to the rasa-llld, He told the gopls, "My dear gopls, I am not able to repay My debt for your spotless service. Therefore, kindly let your service itself be your reward." For a devotee the service alone is payment; a devotee does not do business. Had Krsna told the gopls, "My dear gopls, you are serving Me spotlessly; therefore you can all have golden bangles," that would be like being a prostitute: "You give Me pleasure, and I give you golden bangles." Had Krsna even made such a proposal, the gopls would have been deeply insulted. But they were thankful, because their service alone was the reward.


. The fact that you, out of millions of people, are engaged in the topmost ecstatic service in existence proves that you aregreatly blessed. To take some other reward would be business.We do not accept salaries. A salary would be an insult to pure devotion. We engage in the service to satisfy the Supreme Lord, and that itself is the reward