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Street Samadhi

Samadhi means to be fully absorbed in one's worshipful object For a devotee, samadhi means being fully absorbed in Krsna. The more he can do this, the more he falls into the category of being in samadhi. Samadhi is not something impossible to attain if one is always absorbed in the devotional sevice of the Supreme Lord. A book distributor can enter into this stage of samadhi pven on the street. He enters Samadhi when he is fully absorbed in the sankirtana mission. When it becomes his only thought and meditation, he enters samadhi because of his sincere dedication. But there is no way to stay on sankirtana unless you become purified, and there is no way to become fully purified unless you do sankirtana. Sankirtana is the means and sankirtana is also the end. It is the means by which you can best serve and glorify Krsna, and it is the way in which you can become glorified and glorious as Krsna's servant. Sankirtana is an amazing service you become purified by just continuing. I can guarantee that any person who does sankirtana for ten years has the lotus feet of Krsna fixed within his heart. I can also guarantee that if you engage in the Krsna conscious sankirtana movement for this one lifetime, you will go back to Godhead. Stamped and guaranteed!