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Sankirtana-yajna Is the Yuga-dharma

In Kali-yuga, when three quarters of irreligiosity has been introduced and the remaining one quarter ot religiosity (truthfulness) is quickly being diminished, the only prescribed method of sacrifice is the sankirtana mission. Through this sankirtana mission mankind will be able to obtain grains, the proper food for human society. Nowadays so many places on this planet do not have enough food because people are not engaged in the sankirtana-yajna. Only by the sankirtana-yajna can one get free from the dis­turbances of life. It is the primary benediction for humanity. Hearing and chanting about Krsna, remembering Krsna, and distributing His transcendental literature transforms one's life. We have seen that whenever somebody is having dif­ficulties, If he gose out and distribute books, especially during a  marathon, his whole life immediately transforms into a blissful sankirtana-yajna. One cannot speak enough about the sankirtana-yajna. It is so refreshing and relaxing, and it frees one from intense problems.