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The Life of All Transcendental Knowledg


Planting the Seed of Bhakti


By the extraordinary mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the conditioned souls get the seed of bhakti-yoga. Guru-krsna-prasade paya bhakti-lata-bija. We cannot imagine how fortunate such souls are nowadays when we are distrib­uting so many books. We are giving them the seed of bhakti-yoga after they have been wandering throughout the material world for millions of lifetimes. They may not know it, and we may not even realize it, but whoever agrees to take a book about Krsna begins the process of bhakti-yoga. The seed is planted, but we don't even think about it when we distribute books, because it is too amazing — it is the most wonderful thing. The book distributors are the most magnanimous souls because they plant the seed of bhakti-yoga in the hearts of \ all sorts of people who otherwise never would have a chance of going back to Godhead. Totally unfortunate souls become totally fortunate by the mercy of the sankirtana devotees. We are like farmers planting seeds, and some of these seeds will grow within our lifetime. But sometimes sankirtana devo­tees become fruitive and ask, "We've been distributing so many books. Why isn't the temple filled with devotees?" The answer is, "Because that is not the way it works." You have given a book about Krsna to a completely conditioned soul who has been wrapped up in ignorance since time imme­morial, and he has given you a donation. His spiritual life has started, but he may not complete it in this lifetime.


When you become a devotee and move into the temple, practically speaking, you are close to going back to Godhead. You have conquered over material nature to such a degree that you understand the only hope is to surrender to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and you dedicate your life to surrendering to Krsna. This means you are close to surren­dering fully; you are in the last stage. In the beginning people should understand they are com­mitting sinful activities. That is the first stage. They should at least understand that they are doing something wrong, but they don't even understand that. They think that slaughter­ing and eating animals and getting drunk is fine. They are steeped in ignorance. They don't know what is right and what is wrong.


But once people get in touch with Krsna consciousness, their spiritual lives will gradually begin. They will start to un­derstand that they have to make a change. They will under­stand that the material world is not a nice place to live. Maybe they will visit Krsna's temple. But guaranteed in the next life or in some lifetime, they will again do something Krsna conscious and gradually advance further. Even if it takes one hundred lifetimes, this is nothing compared to the millions and millions of lifetimes they have undergone searching for Krsna. They don't know they are searching for Krsna, but that is what they are doing. Therefore sankirtana is glorious be­cause it gradually attaches all these people to the process of Krsna consciousness. Maybe they will take it now, maybe they will not. We cannot say. But we can say that they will become devotees some time, whereas before we met them and gave them a book they had no chance. ,' Book distribution is a long-range program to bring all con-ditioned souls back to Godhead. It also has short-term goals, namely, to distribute more books so that we can produce more books in other languages as well. The more book distribution goes on, the more people will understand about Krsna. If only one percent of the people we give books to become Krsna conscious, that is a lot of people. Planting the seed of bhakti-yoga is important work, because it gives people a chance to become Krsna conscious. \


So much can be said about planting the bhakti-lata-blja, but you should meditate on it yourself when you are on the street. We should plant more and more seeds without stop­ping. Everything becomes lifeless when book distribution stops. But when book distribution is going on, everything is full of life, vigor, energy, and happiness. It is the life of all transcendental knowledge; it is an ocean of transcenden­tal bliss—dnandambudhi-vardhanam; and it increases that ocean and gives us the taste for which we are always anxious. We should be determined to continue this process because it is the best possible means to please Krsna. There are so many living entities that Krsna is not very happy with, but Krsna becomes happy with you—the individual distribu­tor—when you go on distributing this literature. Therefore we should never forget what we are doing, not even for a moment. We should always remember that the goal of this mission is to give every conditioned soul on this planet a chance to buy Shrila Prabhupada's books. If we can do this, we will be blessed by Krsna's pure mercy and go right back home, back to Godhead.