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Paramatma Is Also a Sankirtana Devotee


Paramatma is within the heart of the conditioned souls, waiting for them to turn to him .if evean in the slightest way he  sees some sincerity in a person's heart, He responds by telling him, "All right now, go there, do this. See, there is a devo­tee. Go to him. Ask him something." All of a sudden the conditioned soul has some deep inspiration in his heart to want a book, and he is drawn like a magnet to it. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out money that he would ordinarily waste on sense gratification. He gives it to the devotee. He would normally never give money to someone he doesn't even know. Why should he trust or buy anything from someone he meets on the street  ? because the  supersoul within the heart  has mercifully ordered him to. He sees :he neatly wrapped book and thinks, "At least it's a new book," and he takes it.