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Don't get Out of Balance

We all have the responsibility to become perfect followers of our spiritual masters. Many have talked as if they were fol­lowing properly, but in fact they were never following Shrila prabhupada’s instructions. one may say what ever one likes but if  one cannot follow the regulative principles and chant sixteen rounds a day, what is the use of such talk? Talk is cheap. Anyone can claim to be a disciple, but one must act like a disciple by having discipline. Disciple means discipline — it  means we discipline our lives according to the instructions of the spiritual master.


Shrila Prabhupada has given us plenty of instructions, and we should follow all of them. He said that books are the basis, but he also said that purity is the force and utility is the  principal.  We cannot say that books are the basis.and accept impurity , because purity is the force  that  maintains and expands the basis. We cannot say that utility is the principle  and reject books as impractical and sell paraphernalia instead  We cannot talk about purity and not understand that without books there is no basis to purity. Without distributing Shrila Prabhupada's books we are not connected to Chaitanya Maha-prabhu's plan to expand His safiklrtana mission. Utility and purity are useless without the safiklrtana mission. Thus there must be a balance between purity, utility, and the basis. Therefore we accept all three. Continue to distribute books and push on this mission. Maintain the principles of Krsna consciousness. Chant your rounds and hear them. All these principles must be practiced. Don't get out of balance! You can only maintain your activities within a structured Krsna conscious society when you are properlv balanced.