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Book distribution has unimaginable potency. Because of this book production and distribution, one of the biggest problems in the world is becoming crystallized.Even if one is not able to understand Krsna consciousness, one can understand that a separation is taking place bet" those with a demoniac nature and those with a leaning toward the divine, and the gap is widening. More people are gradually waking up and looking toward the mode of goodness—even in countries where they were oppressed. Each book that goes out is another weight on the back of the demons, and they don't like it. Demons cannot tolerate glorification of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They don't mind Bibles because nobody takes the Bible seriously, but our books really bother them because they see that our books have potency . ‘’ Where are those books  they say ‘’let us burn these horrible books  that are running everything ‘’ They confiscate the books, but the person in charge of de-stroying them steals a few and distributes them The public censor, who reads the books to make sure they don't contain something that will pollute the minds of the people, likes the books and gives them to his children. The books are going everywhere, and the demons cannot stop it.


People addicted to the materialistic way of life cannot be­come Krsna conscious. Addnta-gobhir visatdrh tamisram: they are progressing toward the hellish regions. Such people may be friendly with you as long as it gratifies their senses, but they change as soon as you bring out a Krsna conscious book. They take one look at it and scream and flee down the street like ghosts conftonted with the cross of a priest. In the Bhagavad-gltd, Arjuna says, "Your holy name is so potent that, upon Your appearance, the demons become afraid and flee here and there." Sometimes devotees lament when these demons become angry, but that is the glorious proof of the potency of our books.