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Close Down the Temple


Nothing is more important than book distribution; nothing comes even close. All cooking, cleaning, preaching, or manag­ing is subordinate. If we go to sleep in the maya of thinking that book distribution is inferior, we should lock the temple and go out and distribute books. The only thing that counts is this Krsna conscious book distribution.


In 1974 Shrila Prabhupada sent everybody out to distribute books. In a famous letter, he told Shri Govinda in Chicago to shut down the temple and leave one man to do the puja and manage. That year Prabhupada told everyone to go out on sankirtana until we finally got it into our thick skulls that he wanted us to distribute his books. Only then did he tell some to stay back and do the puja and other things. Thus we began to understand there must be a balance. At first we just chanted day and night on the street. Then we made temples and devotees. Then Shrila Prabhupada sent everyone back on the street to distribute books. And now we have a whole range of Krsna conscious activities that we think are so important. But what did Shrila prabhupada do  every time we got such foolish ideas in our heads ? He would say, "Stop everything you're doing, it's all nonsense: Go out on the street and preach ‘’ He did this because we want to shut .shut down our energy and take it easy in a comfortable living arrangement. But no one is happy in such living arrange­ments. We gradually sink into the mud and only get more distressed, because comfort in the material world means mdyd, and as soon as you are in mdyd you are miserable. Therefore we have to get out of maya, and the way to get out of maya is to go out the door and distribute books! if you try all day and night as hard as you can and you only manage to do ten books, that is better than sitting around, think­ing, "Oh, my ten books don't mean anything anyway." This negative mentality anchors the Krsna consciousness movement to the ground. Rut if everyone thinks, "1 have to do it, I have to try I  struggle and flies, because this movement is worth nothing more than the members who make it up.