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Books Are the Basis


"Books are the basis" is not an idle phrase. If book distribution is not going on because some people have the idea in their heads that something is wrong with it, the Krsna conscious­ness movement will suffer and collapse. This movement will be strong again, like it was when Shrila Prabhupada was still here, when we understand that we are not proper disciples unless we distribute books..   Whatever preaching we do verbally is praiseworthy, but without book distribution talking is a waste of time. For example, we wrote a book about varnasrama-dharma only because Shrila Prabhupada's books were being distributed. If books are not distributed, varnasrama-dharma is mythology and to talk about it or anything else is worthless, because our connection with Shrila Prabhupada and the potency of our preaching comes from book distribution. to consider yourself a disciple of mine, you also have to consider yourself a disciple of Shrila Prabhupada. Shrila Prabhu­pada is the grandfather guru. Now, when the grandfather is so much more qualified than and superior to the father, the child looks up to the grandfather and takes inspiration from him just as the father does. Naturally father and son have affection for each other, but in spiritual relationships the father has more affection for the grandfather. I have more affection for Shrila Prabhupada than I have for anyone else. All my feelings for the whole mass of my disciples don't compare to my feelings for Shrila Prabhupada. Every disciple should feel that way about his spiritual master.