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Valuable Gems


When we distribute Shrila Prabhupada's books, we are distributing the perfect literature—the most valuable gems, the diamonds, of transcendental literature. Most people have never been educated to differentiate between a real diamond and some flashy glass. Thus, when they have been handed a book, they may or may not immediately appreciate its value, because they do not know what a diamond is. The17 cannot understand why anyone would give them something so won­derful, because they do not know about the deep mercy and compassion of the devotees, who so out and distribute these books just to save the fools and rascals. And because these fools lack sufficient intelligence, they sometimes foolishly be­come upset and throw books away. Shrila Prabhupada wrote in a letter to the German devotees, "In a madhouse, sometimes the patient is so crazy that he strikes the doctor. But the doctor has to be tolerant and understand that he must expect such behavior from a crazy man." In this world many crazy or just plain dull people cannot understand a good thing, presented right before them. But it doesn't matter; we go out anyway with determination and distribute these books in great numbers. In this way, we will be able to gradually change many people's lives. These books will get" into high places, and important people will start to read them, and gradually things will change in a very nice way. Have faith that these won­derful books are forcing maya to loosen her stranglehold on human society and are weakening the results ot Kali.