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These Books Stop Wars


Our Krsna consciousness movement is based on tapo divyam, transcendental austerity. To go out and preach, moving from place to place as sariklrtaners do, is an austerity. To stay in a different place every night is uncomfortable—the situation is unfamiliar, and one has to struggle to accomplish even the smallest thing. We understand how difficult it is, for we have also traveled nonstop for many years. Still a devotee prefers to move around and preach, because this austerity keeps one strong and detached from the material world.The austerity of distributing Shrila Prabhupada's books to npnnle who think thev don't want them is an austerity that purifies the distributor, the person he meets, and the entire area. Although the people's karma dictates that they should suffer, thev are only getting a little taste of their prescribed karma because of this transcendental sankirtana mission. That is not to say that it will not get worse, but were it not for book distribution, the suffering would already be so bad that you could not imagine it.


The performance of sankirtana by distributing Shrila Prabhupada's transcendental books enables a country to be­come a more auspicious place. Shrila Prabhupada once said that the threat of war is imminent, but if we distribute these books in Russia and America, the threat of war will reduce con­siderably. That is exactly what happened. However, in places in which sankirtana is not allowed or is forcibly stopped, the suffering condition increases. We might surmise that the only thing keeping the material world together right now is book distribution. Of course, others might contest and say that we are fanatics. Yet you still cannot deny the possibility that without book distribution the world situation would be disas­trous, because Kali-yuga is such a degraded time. Therefore we must perform this sankirtana austerity. Hap­piness and suffering will come automatically anyway, so why should we endeavor for these things? Let us do the best for everyone, including ourselves, by engaging in transcendental austerity that will benefit the whole world.