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The Visible Effects


Sometimes devotees, younger devotees especially, express doubts about the effectiveness of the sankirtana movement. This is because they cannot see the effect directly, but they should understand that their coming to this movement is an effect. They are living proof of the effectiveness of sankirtana. And the effect is seen also in how many people come to the temples for the Sunday Feast every week.The effects are also visible over a longer period of time. Twenty years ago nobody talked about vegetarianism. Uni­versities did not offer vegetarian cooking courses. New York City had only two vegetarian restaurants. They were right next door to each other on St. Mark's Place, and they were frequented by only a few old beatniks and hippies. Talk about reincarnation was also never heard in public or in the media nor discussed in the schools. No one knew what the word karma meant. John Lennon made a song about karma, and everybody started wondering what it was and where he had heard about it.


Nowadays everybody knows what reincarnation and karma are. The United States of America alone has thousands of vegetarian restaurants — every city has one. Everybody talks about vegetarianism. Some people in England have formed a movement called the "Animal Liberation Front." These people have taken up guerrilla warfare. They attack butcher shops and smash the windows. They poison meat to make people stop eating it. They go to vivisection laboratories for animal testing, rescuing the animals and destroying the labo­ratories. Fifteen or twenty years ago, such a movement eas unheard ot. Also many movies contain scenes or dialogue about reincarnation or karma, which the demons then try to disprove with their movies. A huge battle is going on in the world now between these two sides.


A conflict is even going on among the scientists. Many scientists are putting forward ideas that completely contradict the nonsensical orthodox scientific propaganda. Even the Christians are trying to make a revival, talking about creation as opposed to Darwinistic evolution. Who started all this? You may say what you like, but I will tell you that it is because of Prabhupada's books. It is not because Maharishi or Rajneesh is preaching. The weight of Shrila Prabhupada's books is being felt on this world, and every year the pressure becomes more intense. Fighting is going on in all levels of society. Vegetari­ans are fighting against nonvegetarians. Doctors are proclaim­ing, "Stop eating meat." In America people are fighting about whether there should be prayer in school, and God was one of the biggest issues in their last presidential election. Peo­ple are talking about morality and the tamily again instead of illicit sex. Abortion is being exposed as murder. Krsna has so mercifully caused AIDS and herpes. People are having a revolution in consciousness, and it is coming from the distri­bution of Shrila Prabhupada's books. Previously, nobody was interested in these things, but now so many people are interested, and the demons are so in­terested in stopping it. In the beginning, we did not have many problems with the demons. We would be chanting on the streets, and mavbe once a month a demon would try to give us trouble. But then book distribution started, and the demons came out of the walls, like rats attracted by cheese. And when we started to distribute many books, the demons became hysterical because they thought that they had killed God. "What? Books about God?" they said. "Destroy them!" And they started to make false accusations in an attempt to stop the Krsna consciousness movement. This book distribution is wonderful because it splits society in half. Book distribution forces the nice people to become  are going after sense gratification in an outright demoniac fashion, and the devotionally-minded are moving toward a higher srate of consciousness We will go on flooding the world with Shrila Prabhupada's books, for the weight of his books will force a change — after the people read them and become enlightened in knowledge, they will insist on a posi­tive transformation of society.