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Krsna's Propaganda Network


Every house is being infiltrated by Shrila Prabhupada's books. They sit on the shelf, emitting a shining effulgence and emanating spiritual ecstasy and little vibrations of piety. It is like having a Deity. One day, the people will become at­tracted. Their hand will go across the bookshelf and somehow reach out for the Bhagavad-gitd, though they think that the Bhagavad-gitd is not the book that they want. They think that they want some book about sex, drinking, and crime, \et they pull out the Bhagavad-gitd and start to read it. And they know, "Oh, no, I'm reading about God! It will ruin my life." But it is so attractive that they have to keep on reading As the attractive potency of these books gradually forces peo­ple to surrender to Krsna, they find that their lives become perfect. They find everything that they were missing: happi­ness, ecstasy, energy, enthusiasm. Evetything that was taken away from them by the demoniac elements of society, they get back a hundredfold.


When they met a devotee, took a book, and gave a do­nation, they didn't think much about it. It was a short experience that maybe only took five minutes; the person was friendly, but one ni''"^ manv friendly people in this world. Bur by taking the book home, putting it on the shelf, and reading it, their life changed. We may think that because we meet so many people during the day, for a person to receive Shrila Prabhupada's books is a common occurrence. But actually it is the most profound experience in that person's life; it is the most important thing that he has ever done in 8,400,000 lifetimes.


Distribution of this literature changes people's lives. Peo­ple are being influenced by a few big demons in this world Liuuugn uieii piopajjanua neiwoiK— uie TV, uie lauio, ana the newspapers. Yet Krsna has His propaganda network and Prabhupada has written all the propaganda. And we are the   the language of the world. We want people to understand that volumes of literature have been written about Krsna and our relationship with Him. If people hear about Krsna, then their lives will become perfect. Therefore we should distribute with earnestness. We should understand that people in the world today have little hope. This world is coming to a crushing conclusion. Disturbances are everywhere. The situation bewilders people. Yet we offer an alternative. We can help people become free from the ravages of material nature by distributing millions of books. We should not be satisfied with a marathon that lasts only a week. We should want to make the marathon last our entire live>. Instead of thinking that we will do it for a certain amount of time and afterward enjoy, we should realize that this human form of life doesn't last lone — maybe it will last fifty or sixty years or maybe only five more minutes — and make our lives a marathon, producing and distributing books to bring people back home, back to Godhead.