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Lord Chaitanya's Prediction


Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said that for ten thousand years there will be a rapid increase in Krsna consciousness and for two thousand years it will be like Satya-yuga. Golden ages do not just come because they have been predicted. It is not that everybody will be hellish rascals—living like hogs, dogs, camels, and asses, eating stool and liking it — and then all of a sudden, because of some astrological influence,’’boom comes the Uolden Age and everybody is in Satya-yuga. it doesn't happen like that. It will happen when Lord Chaitanya's mercv is manifested throughout the world. Evervbodv has to get the mercy. Therefore we are distributing these books like mad; otherwise, there is no question of the Golden Age starting. Some of Shrila Prabhupada's Godbrothers thought that Lord Chaitanya's prediction, prthivlte ache yata nagarddi grama, sar-vatra pracara haibe mora ndma, "In every town and village throughout the world the holy name will be heard," was an impossible dream or a mystical theory. But when the Hare Krsna mantra was resounding in all towns and villages throughout the world, they praised Prabhupada for making what seemed to have been a myth into fact.


We should not fall into the trap of doubting that a golden age of Krsna consciousness will come. We should know for sure that by distributing Shrila Prabhupada's books, Lord Chaitanya's prediction will be fulfilled. Ultimately evervthing comes from distributing these books. An increasing number of intelligent people will get Prabhu­pada's books. Shrila Prabhupada wanted his books read by peo­ple with intellectual capacity; therefore he started the library parties and college preaching programs. Intelligent persons will realize how to surrender to Krsna by reading Shrila Prabhu­pada's books, or they will be forced to surrender by the material nature. Then they will join our movement, and if they do not join immediately, they will soon begin to subtly act in a Krsna conscious wav. Wherever Shrila Prabhupada's books are being distributed in mass numbers, we discover peo­ple who have been reading them for years but not saying anything. Sometimes these people hold influential positions within the society — many politicians already have Prabhu-pada's books, and many of them believe what they read and start saying and doing amazing things. Many people are reading the books. Books are handed out in airports in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, New York,

Chicago, Atlanta, or Honolulu, and then they are taken to far off corners of the world. From the most outrageous places,people write us letters, saying that they are so impressed with these books that they want a catalog.