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Literature for Paramahamsas

Mundane literature has to be spiced up with sufficient sex life to make it sell. Consequently, when mundaners understand that Shrila Prabhupada's books are about spiritual life and are not filled with sex, violence, and other nasty things, they cannot understand how the books can possibly be good. But if you explain that these books are meant for the spiritual elevation ot the human mind and consciousness, that human society's present situation is leading not to happiness but to frustration and suffering, and that the miseries of birth, death, old age, and disease are fixed realities, then they may become interested and buy a book.


Many people become interested and take our books. The expansion of this Krsna consciousness movement has given rise to a slight increase in interest for spiritual existence. Peo­ple have some small understanding that the "scripture of the crows" is not going to get anyone very far. It merely will lead to rebirth and enjoyment of the crowlike pleasures of this material world. We pray to Krshria that this small increase in spiritual awareness will increase and that people will welcome these books. These books are literature meant for the swan­like class of men. If all the devotees pray to Krsna that the peo­ple of this world will develop the qualities of jparamaharhsas, interested not only in eating, sleeping, mating, and defending, but also in the swanlike activities of hearing and chanting the transcendental glories of the Supreme Personality of God­head, this world could become a wonderful place in which everybody is spiritually satisfied, like Vaikuntha. Shrila Prabhu-pada did not write his books with some ideal intention of just selling a few books to a few interested people. He wanted these books distributed far and wide to all the people of this world, so that they can become Krsna conscious.