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Double It and Break the CameVs Back

Shrila Prabhupada wanted us to double book distribution every year, because these books weigh heavy on the demons' shoul­ders and purify the land of contamination.Once a cruel camel driver put load after load on the back of his camel, until the camel's legs were shaking under the load. Then the driver put on one more straw, and the camel collapsed to the ground. Thus in English we have a saying, "The straw that broke the camel's back." This materialistic society is trying to keep itself together while books are being piled up on its back, and one day, one last book will make the whole materialistic society crash.


All the books that we have been distributing have to make a big dent in the roof of ignorance that the demons have covered the land with. This roof has blocked the wonder­ful ray of Krsna from shining on the people. Because every­one under this roof is as useless as they are, the demons had thought that they were safe and that nobody would be capable of bringing God to them. But then Shrila Prabhupada came to America with his books, and since then, many books have been steadily going under the demons' roof and spreading everywhere — to every house, every corner, every street, every town. Soon, every house will have at least one set.